A little of everything….

The semester has finally come to a close, and with that the end of class. Our unlimited budget presentation went really well, in my opinion at least. This was a project that I could apply to my actual job and in real life. My boss knew about it and asked me how it went and if he could see it. Our marketing director even offered to listen to some of the idea’s, which I thought was really cool. There were a few things that I could definitely use for a future portofolio like the media plan and budget plan. Our group was super easy to work with and I feel like we worked cohesively which made this semester even easier. During the last we we were even able to listen to everyone else’s presentation. Because we presented on the second day it allowed us to look at what other groups did and didn’t do and change or add to our presentation accordingly. Everyone had a really good presentation and it was interesting to see what new ideas people came up with since everyone is different and thinks differently. Originally we weren’t going to add in depth persona’s, but we decided to change it due to seeing other add it. It definitely helps watching what others do, and I could hear other groups watching and taking what they saw into consideration too. This was honestly probably one of my favorite classes. The one thing that made this class super difficult was parking, The parking situation at Marist is horrendous, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I commute from about an hour away and I would leave my house an hour and a half early and still be circling parking lots for 30 minutes after class. And let me tell you, the road rage is real. People were cutting people off, swiping parking spaces, but I understand, everyone is trying to get to class on time. Anyway, back to class. I liked how this class allowed us to apply the things we learned to “real life” examples. A quick example is I have someone personally close to me that is starting a business soon and I have been able to help a little when it comes to social media and the application of the golden rule. I would definitely recommend this class to others! I hope you guys have a great summer.

Thanks to this class I am now more excited to see how different people advertise and different campaigns. The world cup is happening this summer and starting very soon. Some very interesting campaigns have already launched. The budweiser commercial featuring drones delivering the cold summer beer is definitely cool, innovative and captures the eyes. Since the US team didn’t qualify for the cup this year many ad’s will be run globally and worldwide, but budweiser has stated that they won’t forget the US since it’s their home market. As for the world cup itself budweiser is planning on handing their beer out in noise activated red light cups. It would be super cool if they had actual drones deploy the cups or beer in people’s hands but that might still be a little imposible and could cause issues with younger kids receiving the beer. Working with a bud beer distributor for my job I know how important it is for them to not sell or give promotional items to anyone under age in the US, I can imagine it is the same for people outside of the US as well.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 13.24.33.png

Thinking about Mother’s day coming up it made me think of an ad that was done really well. It was done by cardstore.com. The video was of a man interviewing several people over webcam and asking them if they would be able to work unlimited hours, constantly be exerting themselves, only eat lunch when the associate is done, excellent negotiation, be a doctor, cook, and finance person. This seem’s insane because it is. But, this is what mom’s go through constantly. I remember this ad getting a lot of buzz and touching a lot of hearts. It made people want to call their mother and say thank you. As a mom myself I can say that this ad was so to the point and specific and it made perfect sense. At the end of the video the interviewer tells the people being interviewed that many people already hold this “impossible” job and their moms. You can even see someone in the video getting sentimental and crying because it is true and it touched their hearts as well. I think that this was one of the better done ad’s for greeting cards, even though it was a little longer. It wasn’t boring and it didn’t feel like it was just trying to sell something to me. It made me feel like the company truly understood moms. And if this is one of the key things I think good advertising does, it makes you feel and think. The fact that I can remember this so long after it was run means that the company and product and ad made a personal impact on me. I’ve attached a link to the video if you want to check it out. And if you want to say thanks to your own mom it totally makes sense as to why.

Toughest Job

Thanks for the great class this semester Brian, I hope you have a great summer!


Youtube Influencers

Madison Hummel

Social Media/ and The Age of YouTube

In today’s society’s we live in a time where celebrities are beginning to fade, and YouTube personalities are becoming larger than ever. In class, we talked a lot of influencers that have proven that they can penetrate the new audience of the younger generation.  These influencers consist of people from all different platforms across the internet YouTube, snapchat, twitch and vine. With these 4 simple forms of social media, these influencers are able to reach an extremely large target audience in a very small amount of time.


Over the course, we have looked at many different types of ways to effectively get to your new target audience. Like we always talked about in class you need to get the right message in front of the right person at the right time with the right amount of money to generate the right response.


So, to talk about these influencers doing the above is very important. Like the example that we used I class the guys at dude perfect perfectly embody the above phrase. They are able to target pretty much all age ranges with their interesting trick shots. And the fact that they are able to have sponsors on the video make what they’re doing even better.


Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 11.54.53 AM

The above chart shows how much the top social media sites are used. The idea of following specific brands has taken a giant leap. People before were just using Facebook to look at friends and meet new people. Now having the ability to locate business and follow brands is revolutionizing the industry. Like I said above YouTube is an ever-growing company where people are not only making simple videos anymore. People are beginning to film their everyday lives, gaming, and even talk shows. And these people are reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers on a daily basis. Another great example that my group used in our unlimited budget in the good mythical morning. These guys really do set an amazing example of what it’s like to be popular on YouTube. They have an established once of that largest and most loyally following on YouTube. It is quite interesting to see how they have grown from there past videos.

Going back to reaching the right people at the right time. I have noticed that most of my generation and the generation below me are always on their phones and most are on YouTube. By reaching this audience at the right time during the day you can maximize your opportunity to reach a large number of people at once.


The next major key that is important is the ads that are played during each of the videos. Most of the ads are 30 seconds and within 5 seconds you can possibly skip the ad. The personality has the choice for how long they want their ads to be and if they want it to have the ability to be skipped. The downfall of this is that if someone doesn’t watch the ad until the end and skips it you don’t get any profit. The longer the ad the more the profit but the more likely someone is it skip. This is why people will choose to run multiple different ads throughout the video that is short and sweet.


But the real question lies if this is so profitable and so quote on quote easy to do why everyone isn’t doing it. The answer to the question is complicated. I myself follow some people on YouTube but I mostly follow the gaming side of it. One of the things that I can say without a doubt is that if you aren’t doing anything that’s unique and creative you pretty much won’t go anywhere. Creative in this field is key. If you are able to come up with something that people can come back to every day and still be entertained the sky can be the limit for you. One of my personal favorite streamers that I watch is Dr. Disrespect. He has an extremely different approach than most of his counterpart streamers. He takes a much rougher attitude to things and basically disrespects anyone and everyone that he encounters. But that is what makes him so great to watch. There is never a dull moment on his stream. Everything is fast passed and high momentum. These few things that he does make him one of the top streamers sometimes he isn’t very good at the game that he’s playing but people watch it for the sole fact that he is entertaining.


Overall it is important to realize that the word of influencers in changing. Most people are no longer looking up to celebrities for information and just overall advice. They are looking up to streamers, YouTube stars, snapchat and vine users. People who are doing daily everyday activities and making them interesting. These new influencers have a very important role because they are shaping the youth to be who they are. In other words what tom cruise or Justin Bieber are doing is no longer impacting how other people make their decisions it is the pewdiepie, markiplier, and Dr. Disrespects who are captivating the minds of the young.


In the end, it really is up to the creators and influencers if they want to be successful. What they need to realize is that they are shaping the minds of the children of the new generation. They need to set an example on issues that many people might not have addressed before. The world will always be evolving and just like celebrities faded out eventually these YouTube stars will too. So that pretty much wraps up my discussion on social media and social influencers and how important they are in society and the changes that they have the power to do not only in today’s world but in the future.


Plan B Burger Final Update

James McDonough


After receiving constructive criticism with our limited budget presentation we feel we went back to the drawing board and were able to fix all those minor issues and really execute our unlimited budget strategy and presentation. With this one having an unlimited budget it really opened up a lot of opportunities and flexibility for us to perform research into further detail and utilize strategies that we were cornered on when we pieced together the limited budget presentation.

The first main thing that we honestly struggled with and had to spend a lot of time and thought into making sound just right was our “only we statement”. There are so many competitors out there that are rather similar to your company and that is an issue you will run into in every form of industry. To place together an elaboration of words into a single statement that distinguish’s us from the other burger places was definitely quite the challenge. Obviously our goal was to describe how we are different from others and I feel we did a great job with the final touch to our “only we” statement.

Going into the unlimited budget we tended to focus more on creating trends for our consumers, especially the ones that fall near the “millennials” age group. We conducted a lot of research on this target audience and how they spend their time across social media platforms in order to create the proper trends to reach out to our audience in the most effective way possible. This was rather fun and interesting to dig into due to the fact that we fall into this target audience as well. Seeming how we fell into this category it almost acted as an advantage to us while conducting our research. Our main goal behind developing trends and keeping up with millennials is because we wanted to be able to market successfully to the consumers in this age range across social media platforms.

The one other new concept that we all enjoyed discussing and putting together was the idea of promoting Plan B Burger’s online ordering. The first strategy we stepped into was “digital advertising”. A lot of individuals, especially of the millennials age rang suffer from something we like to call “FOMO” it stands for Fear Of Missing Out.  We took advantage of that concept while also collaborating digital advertising of online ordering among social media platforms. Taking the concept of FOMO in our advertisements demonstrating how Plan B Burger is the place to be and you don’t want to miss out, we feel is a tremendous strategy to reach out to millennials especially while placing it on social media.

As for social influencers, we weren’t sure on how to go about it at first and struggled to find just the right individual to represent our restaurant to the proper execution that would really attract more of a crowd. Originally we were going to pick a social influencer that has nothing to do with food to attempt to grab another form of audience to attract in to our locations, but then we found the perfect fit to advertise for us. We came across “Trisha Paytas: Muckbang Queen” who is a YouTuber with over 3 million subscribers. Muckbang is the act of a person (Trisha) consuming large amounts of food while interacting with viewers across social media platforms such as YouTube. Since we already developed numerous of burger challenges for the restaurant we found it to be perfect to have Trisha put together her own burger challenge, film a “muckbang” of it and place it on her YouTube channel. We felt this would be a tremendous help and opportunity for Plan B Burger to up the reputation and gain more attention in order to increase revenue.

After a semester of media strategies, numerous of lessons and two different budget (limited/unlimited) presentations I felt we all learned an abundant amount of information on how to plan ahead for companies. We all feel we did a great job putting together these strategies and presentations and we all feel very strongly this will do nothing but act as a benefit to us in our near future.

K.104.7 Final Update

Madison Hummel

Group 6 update:

So, the end of the semester is upon us and the time for our projects is coming to the end. My group k.104.7 had finished our unlimited budget presentation and we believe that we hit many of the major key things that are necessary to make it a competition among all of the other large radio companies. Here are some of the examples that we feel like will bring us to the top.


When we finished our limited budget, we knew that there were a few issues that we needed to address. The main thing was sour only we statement. The problem we were facing was that we needed to make ourselves different than everyone else. We needed to be interesting that made us stand out. One of the things that we decided was that our station offered a 24-hour live jockey which most do not. But at the moment it was localized within the Hudson Valley. So, we needed to think of something that could provide that experience not only in the Hudson Valley.  What we decided to come up with is “Only we can provide a 24-hour live jockey that keeps you connected and makes you feel like a true local anywhere you are”. We felt like this targeted our target audience and spoke the correction message that we were trying to convey.


After we changed our only we statement we wanted to decide on where we would expand globally. What we wanted to do is choose some of the places where the largest sports arenas were. Just to name a few we choose Louisiana, California, Chicago, and Boston. We knew that we needed to find places that could hold a lot of people because the events that we hold in the Hudson Valley were already attracting a large number of viewers. So, for our global plan, we needed as much space as possible.


Besides just changing our locations we also needed to look at our consumers. The world that we live in today is ever growing and getting people to stay in one place at one specific time isn’t an easy task. By looking at our numbers we decided that going after the demographics of 16-38-year olds we would hit all spectrums of both generation z and y. The main thing that we wanted to do in order to keep our brand young and hip was made our phone add more compatible and easier to use. It would have features that would enable it to not only play your favorite song but give you inside looks into what’s going on in and around events and give you exclusive deals that only app users can get.


The next major key that we wanted to do was finding out the three strategies that we would use in order to effectively advertise our brand. For our first main advertising that would happen all year round we choose to print, billboards, and commercials. We thought that these three ideas would be able to effectively advertise our brand. For our print ads, we thought by advertising monthly based on the city’s location we would be able to reach the most amount of people. Next, for the billboards, we thought that by placing them on both sides of the Lincoln we would draw enough people in. Lastly, for the commercials, we wanted to make nationwide commercials that would, in turn, incorporate influencers and celebrities that we thought could effectively promote the brand.


Speaking of influences we choose three influencers that we thought would be able to promote the brand in its best interest.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 1.52.14 PM

These three YouTubers all play a role in the grand scheme of what we were trying to accomplish. The first one is a local baker who would know the Hudson Valley and be familiar with our company as a whole. The next being one of the most popular talks shows on YouTube. These guys basically do anything and everything in front of the camera which is perfect for us. And lastly, he is a music type reviewer which would be great for our events he could visit and talk about what he thought. All of these influencers would be able to promote the brand while still preserving our brand image.

Apart from these things three things we had to do a media schedule and a budget strategy plan in order to effectively we spaced it out within 4 separate categories events, Instagram, YouTube, advertising we needed to plan out each month and what we wanted to do in each of those months. By doing this we were able to then plan out our Budget for our strategy’s. the majority of the money went to billboards since they do cost a lot and the rest went into all the other strategy’s the total cost of everything came out to 19,148, 535. This number is quite large for a radio stations advertising but since we had an unlimited budget it didn’t matter.


That’s pretty much it. Our team believes that with these things that are outlined above we will be able to effectively be able to grow k.104.7 into a much more global presence. We as a group learned so much about the brand and about everything k.104.7 stands for now and what it will stand for in the future. I think that this course really made me realize the potential each and every one of us had inside us. We took an idea of making a local radio station and brought it to new heights. I can say that this class made me realize how almost no idea can be a rough idea and that no matter what happens you can always come up with more to talk about and always find that perfect idea that just simply works. From all of us at k.104.7 I would like to say thanks for an amazing semester and good luck on where ever your next journey takes you in the ever-changing game of life.








Wilks Construction Final Update

As we come into the final week of classes I just wanted to give an update on what Group 7 has been up too. Recently we have been working hard on our final presentation for the unlimited budget media plan. In doing so we have gotten to the point where we know exactly who we are advertising to, the markets that we are hoping to move into as well as the strategy to reach these markets. That being said the road to this point was long and tedious and took a lot of research to make sure that we have everything covered when presenting.

One of the main points that we had to remind ourselves constantly when finding the markets for our company was to try to keep it as similar to the area in which they had so much success in the past. The idea here is to make sure that we are still finding people who are wealthy but also live in homes that can be remodeled and or built from the ground up. This was fun finding major cities and the towns that are most like the small down in New Jersey in which we started. Our goal with this is too keep it consistent with the target market as well. These areas that we found are most similar in the fact of their median income for the people that we are targeting.

The strategies that were successful in the limited budget we are looking to improve and take to the next level. For our Facebook live idea we are looking into budgeting in Virtual Reality equipment that not only makes the user feel like they are touring in real time but also improves upon our video production as well. From our research we found that not only is the construction industry already looking to get into virtual reality but it is projected to be one of the biggest industries impacted by this technology. In our email chains we are looking to gain more customers by reaching out to two companies one for boost in customers and another to provide the email content and information on the results of our email campaigns. Another step that we added into the unlimited budget was a print media plan that includes ads made specifically to point out the strengths of our business growing from small family business now to a large nationwide one. Our research shows that with our demographic and the wide range of locations to grow the business it is necessary to reach out to the It is our goal here to stress the fact that we still take into account the care aspect of construction because we know that sets us apart from other companies.

For influencers it was tough to find anything that was not competing with us, most of the list for influencers in the construction industry are other construction clients that run their own businesses. This means we had to think a little outside the box. We started with thinking of do it yourself people but that lead to the problem of not using our construction company and then we moved on to think of interior designers but that also ran into the same problem of not promoting the use of Wilks construction as well. Finally we cracked it and found two bloggers that were on the list of the 20 most influential people in the construction industry and decided it would be a great idea to reach out to them and get some publicity across a larger audience. With their help we can expand not only our outreach but we can see the business growing into an even bigger nationwide campaign.

Finally when we were done we took a step back and realized what we had accomplished over the semester making a great media plan that could change a company’s future. This was the important learning from the class that it takes a lot of work and planning to make sure that a company can not only stay afloat but improve and remain successful.

Conor Williams

Class Content – Basic Overview

By Madison Lee

This past semester, I took four courses at Marist College including Media Planning. In this class, we learned and discussed the topics of branding & brand positioning; marketing strategy; media strategy; and media terminology & basic calculations. So what is media planning? Media planning is all about getting the right message, in front of the right person, at the right time, with the right amount of money, to generate the right response. There are several components to a media plan.

First, a target analysis is done to determine the right audience. Next, the brand has the opportunity to decide what media channels are best for their audience to view the content; broadcast, print, online/mobile, direct mail, etc. Geographically, questions come into play such as where is the competition strong?, and where is there opportunity for growth? Now that a location is picked, it’s time for a scheduling analysis. This raises questions of when to promote the product in order to maximize purchase; specific time of the year, month, and day all come into play. Finally, it is time for the actual delivery process. Media math is done here to determine the reach, frequency, and gross impressions.

The next unit we discussed in class was branding & brand positioning. A brand is name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors. That being said, branding provides goods and services with the power of the brand. Since present day is all about creating a personal image or brand, there are important elements in the making of a brand. Memorable, meaningful, likeable, transferable, adaptable, and protectable are the key elements to a successful brand image.

Through branding, consumers may think and feel more positively toward a brand because of a certain way the brand treats its audience. This can be defined as brand equity. Along with brand equity, positioning is used to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market. This requires marketers to define and communicate similarities and differences between their brand and its competitors. More specifically, brand positioning determines a competitive frame of reference by identifying the target market and relevant competition; identifies the optimal points of parity and points of difference; and creates a brand mantra/slogan to summarize the positioning and essence of the brand.
Moving along with the class lectures, next we learned about marketing strategy. We learned that the steps to a media strategy start at getting the right message and go to in front of the right person, at the right time, with the right amount of money, to generate the right response. Sound familiar? If it does, you were paying attention earlier-it’s the same definition as media planning. In this unit, we learned that content is everything and that stories sell. Through content marketing, the customer feels valued, included and important. As discussed in class, content answers questions, establishes thought leadership, speaks directly to customers, encourages loyalty, opens a dialogue, is accessible, and finally, it sells the product.

So, there are 7 key factors when it comes to content marketing:

  1. Documented content strategy and mission statement
  2. Have someone accountable for content
  3. Consistently publish quality content
  4. Map content to consumer journey
  5. Paid distribution
  6. Focus on content subscribers
  7. Track content marketing ROI

The first factor of having a mission statement is important for having a plan set to entice the customer from the get-go. An example that we learned in class was, “Become a destination for [target audience] interested in [topics]. To help them [customer value]. This will help us [content marketing goals].” This mission statement is important for earning the audience’s attention rather than just ‘buying it’.

Transitioning from the importance of content marketing, we next learned all about target audience. Here, we learned that understanding your customer is key to not only determining the right target audience, but also to understand audience behaviors and media consumption habits, along with ensuring efficiency, avoiding waste, and preventing overexposure. Starting with the demographics (the population characteristics about the target), we learn vital stats like age and gender, socio-economic stats like wealth and education, and finally family stats like married, single and kids.

Once we have the demographics, we can move on to the psychographics, which are the the target’s activities, interests and opinions and attitudes. Here we learn any hobbies, sports, food, entertainment, and political and culture opinions the person might have. These attributes help the brand find out what kind of person their targeted consumer is. To understand consumers better, “Values and Lifestyles” categorizes US adults into 8 distinctive categories. They’re categorized as either innovators, thinkers, achievers, experiencers, believers, strivers, makers, or survivors. As a brand analyzes their audience, they divide them up into these categories and from there they come up with a media plan specifically set to that group of individuals.

Finally, we discussed media terminology and basic calculations. We learned the definitions of universe (in terms of marketing and research, of course), impression, reach, frequency, and rating. All of these words correlate with one another under the media terminology umbrella.  Universe is defined as the total group of persons in a specific geographic area that share a common characteristic; this is also commonly known as population. An impression is one opportunity for one individual to see an advertisement. The word ‘opportunity’ is placed in this definition because there is no guarantee that the individual will actually view the advertisement. When placing an advertisement on television, there could be a universe of 130 million people watching, but that universe can then be split into watching different channels of the TV and therefore the impressions are set to specific channels rather than the universe as a whole.

To find a percentage of the universe, we take the reach divided by the number of people in the universe. The reach can be defined as a count of persons with at least one impression. Frequency is the number of impressions over the reach. By definition, frequency is the number of times an average person or a household is exposed to the advertisement. Effective frequency is the number of times a person must be exposed to an advertising message before a response is made and before exposure is considered wasteful. The next term we discussed was rating; the portion of a demographic universe that is exposed to a specific media vehicle expressed as a percentage of that universe. Rating can be found by taking the number of people exposed to media (impressions) divided by the number of people in the universe.

With all of these topics learned and discussed, we continued into more media terminology. A share indicates the portion of the available TV/radio audience viewing a particular program. Rating only tells what percentage of the universe is watching, but a share puts that number into perspective. A gross rating point is a sum of all ratings in a campaign. It is the “gross” counterpart of “net ratings”. To find the GRP, you divide the gross impressions by the universe.

When a brand combines all of these terms discussed, they are able to come up with a full media plan to support themselves. Looking back at everything that we’ve learned this past semester, I find that all of the terms correlate with one another when combined, to make a successful brand. This course was very beneficial for my path to earning a business degree from Marist College, and I now feel that I understand the marketing world better.

HVCS – Final Update

By Alyssa Casamento

So here we are, the end of the semester. It is unreal how quickly time has flown by these last couple months! With classes just coming to a close, Hudson Valley Concierge Service (Group 5) was able to come up with a plan for our Unlimited Budget Presentation that we are quite proud of. Here are some details on what we chose to do, and why we chose to do it.

Coming off of our Limited Budget Presentation, we knew there were some changes we wanted to make. To start, we decided to re-brand the company to the much shorter “HCVS.” This not only is easier to say, but also makes more sense given the fact that we would like to expand nationwide, instead of just staying within the Hudson Valley.

Next, we knew we wanted to change up our target market. While we still wanted college students to be our primary customers taking advantage of our services, we took into account that they, most likely, would not be the ones actually paying for the services. Therefore, we decided to re-direct our target to parents of college students instead. When parents are sending their children off to college, it is very normal for them to worry. They’ve been taking care of them for 17/18 years, and the feeling of having them flee the nest definitely causes a great deal of anxiety. So, know that they are able to continue to provide their child with groceries, laundry, and safe and reliable transportation would definitely serve as a stress reliever.

Upon going national, we would like to partner with schools in similar locations to Marist in the sense that students are not just a block away from groceries, social life, restaurants, etc. We feel these students would benefit the most from our services.

After deciding to make this change, we also knew we needed to re-vamp our “only we” statement. In the limited budget presentation, we had stuck with a very bland statement of “Only we can give you your time back.” While it is true that our concierge service will, indeed, give you your time back, that is also true for any other concierge type services across the nation. So, keeping in mind our new target audience, we also needed to focus on what makes us unique. To do so, we took a look at our biggest competitors. First off, there are personal grocery services such as Peapod. Peapod gives consumers the ability to shop online, schedule a delivery date, and receive your groceries right to your door. It is considered to be leading internet grocer, serving 24 US markets through a multitude of cities. We also took a look at transportation services, like Uber and Lyft. These application based services make transportation easy, and have become the go-to for transportation services over the classic yellow taxi. Uber also has additional services, such as Uber Eats and Uber Pets. Lastly, we looked at the one, the only, Amazon. Specifically with Amazon Prime, consumers are guaranteed two day free shipping of their purchases straight to their homes. Amazon also has Amazon Pantry, which is a similar concept to Peapod.

So, course these services are acceptable. They all get the job done, and it would be foolish of us to try and say that they don’t. However, what they don’t have, is the personal service and care that Hudson Valley Concierge Service provides. Being a smaller corporation, our one on one attention is difficult to match, all while still providing the same services as our competitors. I, for one, would much rather have a friendly, familiar face bringing me to and from the airport, versus some strange Uber driver who may or may not have just gotten his license last week. There have been countless stories regarding these companies regarding negative press and experiences. With larger corporations, it is a lot harder to control the quality of customer care that is being given.

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 7.08.01 PM
Uber has been notorious for getting into large scandals, such as this issue from the summer of 2016.

That individualized attention is something that we felt would really appeal to the worried parents we mentioned earlier within our target market. And, alas, our brand new “only we” statement was born:

“Only we can take the best, personal care of your children when you’re not around.”

We felt that this new statement really conveys not only our quality of service, but will comfort parents to know that they are leaving their pride and joy in good hands when they are away from home.

To reach these students and parents, we came up with many different methods that we believe would convey the message effectively. We were able to identify certain TV networks through research that our target market typically watches, making them suitable for airing a HCVS commercial in the months leading up to college move-in. These networks were the Food Network, A&E, the History Channel, and HGTV.

In our previous assignment, we had decided to use direct mail to student mailboxes on college campuses. Now, in addition, we have decided to send direct mail to the houses of these students, to, again, grab the attention of the parents. We would also like to have informational brochures in the admissions packets of the schools in the areas we are targeting. Being a tour guide and heavily involved in the admissions office, I am asked a million questions by parents about things like transportation, safety, food, etc. while they are visiting campus for the first time. Therefore, providing information about HCVS while they’re taking a campus tour will catch them in the perfect moment, providing them with an easy solution to all of the worries that are most likely arising at that point in time.

We also want to be present on these campuses, setting up tents and booths at events for parents weekend, job and activity fairs, and on-campus sporting events. Having this presence will help to increase our brand relationship with our targets.

Even though our target market has moved to parents, we are also aware that the students need to still be excited about the brand as well. Therefore, we want to utilize the  current trend of social media influencers.

Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight are identical twin sisters from Texas who have over 5 million subscribers on YouTube. They post fun, lifestyle videos on their YouTube Channel, as well as actively using their joint Instagram account, which has over 3 million followers.

brooklyn-and-bailey-apr18Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 7.56.53 PM

The girls have just made the decision to attend Baylor University for their freshman year in the fall, making them the perfect representatives for our company. Because of this, we would like to hire them as Social Media Ambassadors for HCVS. We would like to have them post four sponsored videos per year, and one sponsored Instagram post per month. The sponsored videos would go out at specific times – college move in, midway first semester, before winter break, and at the end of the school year – and would cover a specific aspect of our company that is relevant to that time period. The instagram posts would be similar, but obviously on a quicker, less thought-out scale. Since these ladies are pros at social media, we want to leave them with the creative freedom to promote our brand in whatever way they see best. We do not want to provide scripts, lengthy requirements, or anything that would diminish their authenticity.

And that’s our new plan for Hudson Valley Concierge Service in a nutshell! We have learned so much this semester, and are now able to enter the workforce with a whole new set of relevant skills and techniques involving media strategy. As graduating seniors, I know I can speak for my group as a whole that we enjoyed this experience, and are glad to have taken this course.

Thanks for a great semester, everyone!

The Age of Social Media Influencers

By Maggie O’Reilly

In class, we discussed the impact of social media influencers on the messaging strategies of advertisers. We talked about how influencers can help create a new audience, develop a community, encourage consumers to take action, amplify ideas/campaigns, collaborate in product development, raise brand awareness, drive app downloads, and build loyalty. We came to the conclusion, in class, that social media influencers are the new celebrities. They even have their own management agencies and brand managers.


Actually, when I was interning at a fragrance marketing company last summer, I had to sort through an influencer deck sent by their agency. Each influencer had his or her own page identifying the audience demographics, main platforms, total reach, video samples, and the previous collaborations each influencer has done in the past. It was very interesting, too, when we requested a certain influencer, the agency would give us their opinion by saying, “oh yes, Madison is great at pushing people towards sales” or “no, I think Gavin would be a better fit for this product placement.” It was very cool to see from an insider perspective how intouch the management agencies are with each of the specific personalities of the influencers.


These individuals are brilliant at content generation and follower interaction. They have found their niche across various social media platforms and gained active and engaged followings. Because of this unique, specific, and captive following it makes for a loyal base. Advertisers have the ability to tap into these trusting and loyal fan followings and target their product to a specific group.


This is quite interesting because it seems like influencers are the way of the future, whether people agree with it or not. The rising generations are more scattered than ever before in terms of what platform they are spending their time on. There are so many media outlets, online publications, blogs, news apps, news-condensing apps (ie. TheSkimm), plus a host of social media platforms overcrowded with users to pick from. It can be daunting for advertisers, especially media planners, to narrow and categorize exactly what audience segmentation they are looking to target.


This loyal base is very trusting of the content put out by these influencers because social media is seen as a platform where friends interact. Plus, according to a focus group I just conducted in my COM 333 class, there seems to be a trending opinion where, in terms of self image, traditional advertising is immediately deemed fake because of excessive Photoshop. On social media, though, users take the ads and posts they see much more seriously because people are expected to be real on there.


Only recently, have influencers needed to start adding “#ad” or another indicator to their Instagram posts in order to be transparent with consumers. These consumers trust these influencers as friends, not as celebrity. It is important for the consumer to be able to identify when something is a, potentially, paid opinion or paid placement. This distinction is quite important for some people because otherwise they could feel deceived about the product.


Social media and social media influencers are part of this murky territory, it seems, because it is very difficult to tell the authenticity of every post. This is only the beginning, though, of influencer marketing. With the insane rise of social media and social media stars, advertisers and the communication industry alike have capitalized on their platform over the last few years. According to this infographic from Influencer Marketing Hub, not only is influencer marketing an increasing strategy, but also it is impacting the budgets of major companies. The infographic also shows that marketers believe that influencers rake in better consumers. This is interesting because it ties back to the concept that followers view influencers as a friend, or trusted source.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 9.06.38 AM
Credit: influencermarketinghub.com 

On the infographic below, it shows the projected number of brand sponsored posts for 2018 at 24.2 million. This is up from 12.9 million posts in 2017. Since 2015, starting at 3.6 million posts the number has doubled each year. This makes it clear that the entire influencer industry is rapidly growing due to successful results. Plus, the industry is so vast that influencers range from fitness to pets to simply lifestyle. There is an influencer for everything and everyone.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 3.38.31 PM
Credit: influencermarketinghub.com

For my group’s unlimited budget presentation on Kalogeris PT, we were even able to find multiple 85 year old (and older!) fitness influencers to incorporate into our campaign. The business is booming.


Because of this vast industry, authenticity is very important. As mentioned above, the followers trust the influencer completely which amounts to great power in terms of advertising sales revenue. This can call into question the ethicality of influencers. It also poses the question that influencers are “sell outs” because of doing too many #ad posts but that is only from a marketing standpoint. I don’t think that loyal fans would notice this trend due to their loyalty.


According to Forbes, there are a few tricks of the trade in boosting one’s influencer standing. One of the tricks is to create consistent content. It does not need to be perfect or anything but regular, consistent, published content is a must when developing a prominent social platform. In terms of bloggers, one of the ways to elevate SEO is to have constant, unique content released on one’s site. Another tip is to make sure there are individual interactions. This leads right back to why influencers are seen viewed as a trusted friend rather than an unattainable celebrity (ie. Kim Kardashian). By making sure one replies to comments, likes comments, and follows back it can help build a community of two-way communication. This is a different type of advertising than the typical one-way broadcast messaging. Two-way engagement appears more real, genuine, and trustworthy.


In sum, influencers are not going anywhere but with their rapid increase there will most likely be more restrictions put in place by the FTC.


By Madison Lee

This week is the last week of classes. Finally, the semester is almost over, the weather is getting warmer and most importantly, deadlines are approaching. Among these deadlines is the final presentation for the unlimited budget plan for the business of our choice, which was Mike Arteaga’s Gym in Poughkeepsie. Since this gym is right across the street from Marist, many students are members along with adults and young adults within the community. The biggest part of Mike Arteaga’s, or what should be, is the sense of community that they have. It is not only students that choose to workout there; it’s Marist security guards, returning students that live in the area, elderly couples that like to play racquetball, former swimmers that like to get in a morning swim before work, and mothers that trust Mike Arteaga’s to take care of their kids while they attend fight class. Whoever it may be, Arteaga’s caters to many age groups in the area. However, that being said, my group decided on targeting the age groups of 18-24 and 35-44. This is because we feel there needs to be more foot traffic of these ages coming to Arteaga’s and using their facilities

Moving on, the unlimited budget has a couple factors, so try and keep up. Our first and best big idea is to buy a bus and send some people on a #Arteaga’sExpedition. First, Arteaga’s will have two influencers by the names of Annie Thorisdottir and Rich Froning. Both of these crossfit athletes are sponsored by Reebok, an athletic wear company. Since these two athletes basically eat, sleep, and breathe the gym, they would be perfect candidates to take cross country on our bus tour. Our next partnership is with Rogue Fitness, who will supply the equipment needed for the trip and the trip itself, but they come into play more later. To explain this bus tour, it is basically a Mike Arteaga’s branded bus that goes to certain places in the country for two months during the summer and holds classes for the people in the community. How can this impact our brand do you ask? Well it definitely helps build brand awareness throughout the country and associates positive feelings and vibes toward Mike Arteaga’s.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 1.37.06 AM


Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 1.36.55 AM

Shown in the map here is the route that will take place on this bus tour. In the second picture, all the pins show the locations we want to open after the bus tour is over.  However, the most important pin is the last one, right in Los Angeles. At the end of the bus tour, the last stop is L.A., but it is also a grand opening for the first Mike Arteaga’s gym on the west coast. This will be a big step for Arteaga’s because they are expanding to a whole other geographic area that is completely different than Poughkeepsie, NY or any other city on the east coast for that matter. The grand opening of this will also include a competition with the two crossfit trainers that did the bus tour with us for the two months. This competition is meant for fun and to be a fun way to start off for Mike Arteaga’s on the west coast.

The biggest point of this whole bus tour is to bring together people in their own communities instead of having to leave theirs to congregate in someone else’s community. We want to unite people with exercise and a healthy lifestyle, which is why Rich and Annie would be great because they are very knowledgeable in this field. One thing being taught at these classes are HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts, which are the big rave right now among middle aged, busy, gym-goers. This is because they only need to be done 2-3 times per week, for about a half an hour each. These workouts target fat in the body for faster weight loss, which is why they are so popular.

While on the road, our social media will be at its peak. By this I mean that posts on Twitter will happen almost hourly, Instagram posts 2-3 times per week, Facebook updates (even Facebook live) every day. One person, a videographer, will shoot these videos and edit them for our social media outlets.

In addition to the videos, a couple months before the bus tour commences, a nationwide commercial will be aired. The commercial will be mostly for brand awareness and to get people to come to the classes while the bus is in their town. Since the other part of our target audience is 35-44, airing on HGTV, Spike, TBS, and ESPN will be four main channels that will allow us to reach our audience and have the opportunity to make an impression.

Finally, the total flexible budget will be about $837,450. I say flexible because most of it is estimated, and can be changed in the books later. However, the plan is to get this whole trip sponsored by Rogue Fitness and Reebok, along with our influencers.

In conclusion, this whole project about #Arteaga’sExpedition was tough, but it was good. There were many parts that I needed to actually figure out using the class power points and class material.

Stay tuned for my next post about all the content we learned in class!

A week in review for the Mike Arteaga’s Group

By Josh Selkowitz

Over the past few week, my group and I had been working on our overall strategy for our unlimited budget presentation. One of the first things we did together was review our limited budget presentation. What we had hoped to accomplish by looking at our previous presentation was certainly accomplished as we started to work on our final presentation.

In order to get to the final product the process involved various group meetings and a lot of communication. One of the first times we met after our limited budget presentation we discussed our “only we” quite extensively. It was important to us that we adjusted our messaging statement in line with Professor Apfel’s suggestion as well as what we felt was best to improve our overall goal to create a successful campaign for Mike Arteaga’s.

Once we had an “only we” that we were confident it, our next step was to figure out how to convey that message through an advertising plan. This took a little more time to formulate an idea that the entire group was sold on. About the time of the presentation regarding the use of AR the idea sparked to use the bus as a tool to bring our “only we” to life. However, there was still a lot to do.

As such, in one of our next meetings, we made it a goal to do research on the data necessary to create the budget for such a strategy. We used some of the data from the limited budget presentation as a baseline for some of our unlimited budget presentation. As a group we adjusted the golden ratio to incorporate our plan to bring a videographer along on the #ArteagaExpedition. This videographer will be responsible for producing the videos that we would use for the curated content on the social media platforms we chose to use. Those platforms primarily included Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Together, we found the data that backed up the social media presence in specific demographics. It was our goal to use this data to support #ArteagaExpedition; as we felt the 16 city bus tour was our best attempt to bring the communities out and be active all while promoting our brand.

As we started to compile the presentation for the unlimited budget we realized that we needed to actually find the cost of how much everything was going to cost. By each taking a specific region of the budget, we found the total budget for the different aspects of the presentation in the most optimal matter.

The group worked as a whole unit to build this presentation, and we are a happy with the results of the presentation we gave today. We hoped that everyone enjoyed.