Gem’s Bagels Final Update


With the close of class and our last blog it seemed fitting to include a final update on our group project. We completed our project and presentation and wanted to inform the readers on our direction for Gem’s and where it is heading with it’s unlimited budget. After a successful marketing campaign on social media Gem’s has become a destination for foodies all around the country. Because of this Gem’s has been able to expand to become national. We went viral on Instagram and were featured on Diners Drive ins and Dives. We felt it was important to explain in our presentation that we have made it big, but have not forgotten where we came from. We will continue to cater to our loyal and local customers while maintaining a large presence elsewhere.


After reviewing our unlimited plan we realized we should make a change to how we advertise. Originally we planned on paying for national publications while only adding one new location. That would be a lot of wasted impressions because we are reaching people all around the nation about a bagel store in just Long Island. There were a few different ways we could change this, but we decided to add more locations into our budget to better fit our print and social media plan. However, in order to stick to our familial feel there is a strict application process in order to open a new location. It will remain a pleasure to serve our customers and provide a “well rounded” bagel shop with a wide variety of quality food, while making you feel like family.

Greg Shikowitz, Group 7


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