How to Do Branded Content The Right Way

Making and producing videos is expensive; it takes time, effort and especially money to hopefully accomplish a successful end goal-to sell your brand-so you want to make sure you get your moneys worth. On one hand, you don’t want your message and promotion of the brand to be lost, but on the other hand, you have to make sure the audience actually watches the video in order to get that information. Trying to balance the amount of information given with the quality of entertainment, because after all without the entertainment aspect no one will want to watch.  In an interview in AdWeek with James DeJulio, co-founder and CCO of Tongal (a network of 20,000 freelance creatives and production companies) says that “if you ask for [a consumers attention]…you better have something worthy to say”; asking for their attention in general is a big commitment.

I think there are numerous times where each of us get caught watching a video and all it sounds like is a boring advertisement. However sometimes, we come across content that sells more than just the product and the overall brand, it creates a story, its informative and engaging. Tongal created a poll where they surveyed 500 of its members  on “what they value in branded conent, what its weaknesses are” and “what they want brands to know”. Some important data that came out of this poll was that consumers want to “laugh or learn” over anything else. Which makes sense if you think about it, things that are humorous are entertaining and things that are educational are informationally engaging. Secondly the poll found that consumers prefer to see normal people rather than the use of celebrities.A recent example that seems to do a great job of all the qualities mentioned above is the newest Heineken #openyourworld commercial. The commercial begins by interviewing various every day people about their political and social views on certain topics such as politics and sexuality. They then have the people who were just interviewed interact with each other and work as a team to build a piece of furniture. In the end each persons original interview is revealed to her partner only to find they have conflicting views. Heineken then offer the two the opportunity to stay and have a drink with each other or they can part their ways. The majority of the ad is just following the stories and experiences of the participants and the Heineken brand isn’t even seen until almost 3 minutes into the video. As for its educational and informative aspect, its more of a life lesson rather than information about the brand. But overall it informs the consumer what kind of brand Heineken truly is.

With the recent advertisement blunders of Pepsi and other brands made way for Heinekens huge success. Being able to combine advertising your brand but without dehumanizing the entire process is something thats important to successful branded content and Heineken has stepped up to this standard.

By: Molly Gross, Group 4


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