Brand Building Bootcamp

A simple way to start building your “brand” is to imagine your company as a person. What kind of personality does your firm have? What are the traits? These personable elements will help you position your brand in the mind of the consumer, and reinforce your values.

Adding value by improving the customer experience is a great way to organically build your brand. Do you have the best return policy on this side of Mississippi? Can you customize your products? Show it off! Promoting these offerings in store or online will improve your brand equity.

Let’s take a look at a brand that has taken the concept of customer service to new heights:


L.L. Bean has a reputation for being one of the most customer focused brands in America. Here is a quote from L.L. himself:

“I don’t consider a sale complete until goods are worn out
and the customer still satisfied.”

In addition to their generous return philosophy, most of the products at L.L. Bean have a lifetime warranty. The customer can send any item back and they will repair the damages for a small fee. They also offer engraving, free alterations, and gift-wrapping.

Services such as these make the difference for many small and large business models. Opportunities to create more meaningful touchpoints with consumers are too often overlooked by retailers. There are many ways your business can add value to create an identity and improve its position against competitors.

Any company looking to establish their brand should familiarize themselves with the six laws of customer experience:


Overall, brand image goes much deeper than a logo and a mission statement. To drive consumers to purchase your product and seek your services requires a solid understanding of what the consumers need and value. Creating a personable brand with actionable offerings will not only bring you more sales, but loyal customers.

Written by Alexis Batulis


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