Identifying a “Disruptive” Strategy.

Jean-Marie Dru chairman of TBWA worldwide, coin to the concept of disruption in advertising. He identified disruption as the shared characteristic of distinctive, brand changing campaigns, using examples such as VW and Apple. When Drew looked at what made these campaigns similar, he saw that the way of thinking always represented a pregnant-man-health-education-council-brainy-rainbefore and after. There was a breakthrough, revolution,a “disruption”. This concept defines and demands unconventional thinking. Dru’s disruption theory helps you access the strength of strategy whether you’re devising it with a planner or on your own. The thinking behind the Health Education Council poster about contraception shares the disruptive quality common to the classic campaigns Dru mentioned before. The Health Education Council set an objective to raise the issue of contraception and encourage young men to take greater responsibility. A more conventional strategic approach would have been the focus on a young woman. Instead the disruption occurs by forcing young man to face up to what it looks and feels like to be visibly in trouble. As a result of what was a shocking image, attitudes toward sex education begin to change. Created at Kramer in 1969, this poster is widely considered to have marked a change in UK advertising.

Elektra Nelson – Group 2


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