Assert Your Brand Rep, Build a Media Kit!

Written by: Amber Urena

Media Kits are specially curated docks that entail key brand information for the public. The importance of media kits for brands big and small goes without question. Media Kits introduce a brand, its mission, services offered, internal business info, statistics such as target consumers/reach, clients and contact information. While this information can usually be found online or on a brands website, media kits are produced by the brand itself, and are delivered to publics as a collective set of information.

Media kits are produced by companies big and small. While small business may be more skeptical in creating a media kit because of the effort required and projected worth, media kits have been proven to promote business success. Media kits not only assert a brands reputation, but give potential clients and consumers confidence in choosing their business.

In addition, a business within any given industry can create a media kit. I’ve included excerpts from kits across industries such as food/drink, fashion, news, retail, etc.

Food Network: 


In developing a media kit, it is important to acknowledge that all the information entailed will be at the hands of the public. Thus, writing professionally, creatively and with accuracy can improve the chances of your business being recognized as interesting and credible.

A media kit is also an opportunity to embrace your business model and brand identity. Designing with consideration to your brand identity is essential. One should consider color schemes, images, fonts, and templates that reflect the brand image. Gathering testimonials, press and collaborations should also be included to strengthen the identity of the brand as well as reaffirming the businesses alignment to its business model.

All in all, media kits can be created by business big and small. They serve as an all encompassing message to potential clients and consumers but also promote the business identity.

Group #1: Amber Urena, Jared Boba, Ashley Liso, Katie Braver


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