A Star Emerges from a Week of PR Nightmares

After multiple weeks of front page PR blunders (looking at you United & Pepsi) Heineken released a feel good commercial titled Worlds Apart. The commercial successfully emulates how we can put our differences aside and work together towards something great.

The commercial begins with individuals describing their beliefs. Two strangers then meet and knowing nothing about each other work together to build a bar. Throughout the building process the strangers get to know each other through ice breakers, a Q&A, bridge building, the decision.

The most interesting part of the commercial is the decision, after the strangers successfully build the bar and have gotten to know each other, their views on certain topics that the other described themselves as (ex. feminism, transgender) are then played for the each other to see. After watching the video, the strangers have a choice, leave or sit at the bar and discuss their differences over a Heineken. All of the strangers in the video choose to share a Heineken. Through getting to know each other through building the bar, the strangers have more productive conversations about their differences. Through Heineken the strangers show how important it is to “open your mind” which will in turn “open your world.”

Heineken is able to do what Pepsi and many other brands have not, sensitively expressing how our differences make us unique and we have the ability to look past those differences, in turn bringing people together. In my opinion the success of the commercial comes for the storytelling. The commercial is longer than a typical 30 second spot (it’s just over 4 minutes long), however the 4 minutes have had great impact, being shared on social media as “the best thing I’ve watched in years,” “Heineken just made the ad Pepsi wishes it had.”

Kaitlyn Roberts

Group 6



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