Data Dominates


When we look at content that is produced through advertising, we don’t usually see numbers or facts. What we are used to seeing is entertaining visuals, video, or other forms of ambient production. However, to the surprise of many, a lot of research goes in behind those advertisements. In fact, it is all derived from data. Number on numbers, studies upon studies, and charts piled on by charts are the way in which the content you see everyday, is established.

Research is vital in communications, even if many don’t realize it. Data-drive marketing is what real businesses believe produces the best content and products that the average consumer either needs or wants. Nowadays, a stereotype or a hunch isn’t enough to fuel an entire advertisement. Sure, generalizations help us form ideas, but they don’t always sell. That’s why data is vital.

This information can come from just about anywhere; sales transactions, customer service records, social listening, online surveys. On top of this, there are different ways of gaining and collecting data that is produced. For example, company can use external providers that offer data about customers and prospects. Other companies can form their own departments to manage the data collected from their particular goods or services.

As we continue to dive further and further into the world of advertising on social media platforms, as well as other networks, it’s important to recognize the power of social media marketing, and the data that can benefit a business’s presence online. In order to get the most visited web pages, or the desirable amount of impressions, company’s have to gather the proper information regarding the habits of social media users. Laura Martinez Molera, the regional marketing manager of HubSpot notes that her company bases all decisions on data. She says that data decides everything “from the color and text of CTAs to the content of our nurturing emails.”

Ultimately, data is a growing part of a company’s success in marketing and advertising. Those who want to be successful in the online world with creative and new content, must tap into the minds of their consumer, and using data is the only way to do that.


By Marissa Kelly

Group #3: Marissa Kelly, Jessica Schicke, Nicole Curry 


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