Strategies Outlast Campaigns

A strategy can last for years, whereas the creative work, the campaign that springs from that strategy and expresses the underlying thinking, changes more frequently.  A change of agency or budget, a global realignment of the brand, research indicating that the current campaign isn’t working, or simply the need to refresh a heavily run campaign are all possible reasons for developing new creative work based on the same strategy. Since the strategy can last for a long time, it needs to be clear especially for a global brand. It forms the bed rock of the brand or service.

evian-live-youngTake Evian water for example. The strategy behind the Evian brand is built on youth. While this strategy hasn’t changed in years it’s expression (the advertising) has. Evian know longer mentions the Alpine source and it’s advertising. Instead, it leaves it to the website to support Evian’s long-held youth strategy with the details of its source and balance mineral content. It describes how their mineral water journey for 15 years through an ancient glacial filter deep in the heart of the French Alps, and is bottled at source so you can enjoy it’s naturally pure and refreshing taste anywhere, anytime. Of course no bottle of water can make you stay young, but by promising to help your body live young Evian can create many different campaigns.

In the highly competitive bottled water market, Evian has progressed to a more emotional approach in it’s advertising, to connect more with its consumers, and has bebe-evian-roller_02moved away from functional messaging, which has done wonders for the brand. In 2009 Evian’s commercial featuring the roller babies was among the most watched online advertising. This has since been followed by their T-shirt commercial which retains the strategy of “live young”, again showing babies but in a totally different way. The strategy didn’t change; suggesting that drinking Evian will help you maintain a youthful body. However the expression of the strategy moved from babies doing stunts towards a more unified expression of you feeling young. These new executions make the individual become one with the energetic baby.

A strong strategy is single minded, yet can encompass change in its expression in theevian-limited-edition-tees executions. It might seem as if the T-shirt and roller babies ideas are to similar, yet difference between them is considerable. The range of people showing their characteristics the lively interactions with each other is far more involving. This is a perfect example of staying with the same strong strategy and understanding how the expression of it can change, visually and tonally.

Elektra Nelson- Group 2


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