May I Have Your Attention Please

Creating meaningful social media content can be a challenge for a small business owner to manage. However, it is a great tool to engage with consumers and build a presence online. At IDEAS consulting group, we specialize in building the basics for our clients to make the most impact with as few words, and little time as possible. Digital marketing can seem like a huge project to take on for many clients.


But what the industry doesn’t want you to know is…. anyone can achieve results!

Managing your online presence can be as simple as sharing a Facebook post. Yet, over 50% of small businesses today don’t have a website at all! Here at IDEAS consultants, it is our mission to change that.

There are so many options to begin building your brand image online. The key is to keep it simple, and be original. Don’t be afraid to be the comic sans in a world of times new roman. People respond to passion, not answering-machine-style language.

Making your message stand out is as easy as starting a conversation. Here are our top ten ideas for creating social media buzz:

  1. Introduce your team.
  2. Post a motivational quote.
  3. Share your thoughts on a funny video.
  4. Tell your story, why did you start this business?
  5. Post your company # and invite your followers to call if they have questions.
  6. Dedicate a theme for each weekday such as TGIF or “throwback” Thursday pictures.
  7. Did you finish a project or add new product? Ask what your followers think!
  8. Post all your holiday sales and promotions.
  9. Never underestimate the power of the meme:  “Us waiting for April to give birth”
  10. Last but not least, ENGAGE! Treat every comment as a golden opportunity to build rapport. Asking questions, and being responsive will increase your brand awareness. Participating in social media will show your customers your values and services, without costing you a dime. #SCORE


Written by: Alexis Batulis

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