Content is King; What is the Right Content for Your Brand?

Content is king; brands can live or die based from this one rule. Social media is essential to ensure you have strong content and a platform to engage with an audience. As mentioned in class, before you can gain followers on Twitter or Instagram, you must have strong content there already. No one wants to follow a blank page or one with little content. Hitting the follow button is subscribing to that content, and people want to see what they are subscribing to before they hit that follow button. reynolds wrap instagramYou wouldn’t think that a saran wrap company would produce enjoyable content, but as seen with Reynolds Wrap’s Instagram, they share engaging content that makes people want to subscribe and try more recipes that they are sharing.
Reynolds wrap is not a very visual brand, but their content is all about the different snacks and recipes that their wrap can help preserve. Effect content almost usually has a certain call to action or element of engagement with a certain audience like “hey try out these recipes and wrap them in our brand of saran wrap.” This call interactive call to action allows the public to want to hit the follow and see more recipes.

Sharpie’s Instagram is another brand praised for its social media use. Sharpie’s Instagram interacts with its audience by Instagramming designs made by customers using sharpies.sharpie-instagram Since Sharpies are such a visual and colorful product, this is an effective way to post entertaining and relevant content, as well as interacting with their audience by requesting designs for them to send content to post. Like Sharpie, our company, Revamp Inc., offers a unique and visual service that is perfectly shown through Instagram or Snapchat.

Revamp Inc.’s social media implementation to spread brand awareness and engage with our target audience is large part of our media strategy to help get them on the map. Revamp Inc. has made many strides in improving their social media. One major step was the rebranding from Trending Fox to Revamp Inc. so consumers would have a better idea of the concept being sold. Along with this rebranding, their new and improved Instagram has only uploaded their new company logo. The next step Revamp Inc. is taking is redesigning some donated or pre-purchased clothes and have a photoshoot to display before and after looks of common store bought clothes. Those pictures will be uploaded to Instagram, as well as use a Snap Story to show the process of the clothes being redesigned to have full transparency with our target audience. Through this, potential consumers can look at the styles and final products, as well as get an opportunity to feel like a model by having chance for their pictures to be uploaded to the official company account. Revamp Inc. wants to ensure that their content is enjoyable and engaging with their audience, in addition to being informative about the quality of the products consumers purchase.

By Brian Alter (Group 5)


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