Separate From the Competition



Every brand or company needs direction, and that’s where the “Only We” statement comes into play. Unlike a mission statement, the Only We statement needs to show how a brand stands out from the competition. When beginning the process of developing our own Only We statement for our small business, Rossi’s, our group struggled with where to start. Sure, Rossi’s is definitely a unique business, but there are plenty of delis in the area that act as standout competitors.

We zoned in on our target audiences in order to start forming an appropriate statement. For Rossi’s, we determined that the company has three solid potential targets within the Hudson Valley Area. These three would be business professionals, college students and mothers. At first glance, all these separate individuals seem vastly different. Our group was challenged with creating a statement that would encompass all three potential targets considering they were so different to begin with. For this reason, we began to brainstorm their commonalities.

The development to create our statement starts with identifying what a business professional, a college student and a mother all have in common. The most recognizable commonality for Rossi’s is its setting. Considering the deli isn’t a nationally recognized name, noting that all three targets belong to the Hudson Valley area is essential. We determined that these individuals are hard-working in their own ways, and that they are always going overboard with whatever projects or tasks are placed in front of them. Our targets are passionate for trying new things, and experiencing new cultures; both of which they can do by eating at Rossi’s. They have strong family values and aren’t ashamed to admit it. And lastly, they truly enjoy treating themselves, but more importantly, they find fun in showing off their enjoyment.

The commonalities within our target audiences are what led us to our “Only We” statement. After brainstorming, we were able to come up with something that not only fit the business, but something that would appeal to all three of our targets. Our end result was: “Only we provide the experience of Italy in the Hudson Valley by incorporating the delicious food that impresses your friends, brings your family together, satisfies your cultural desires, and helps you get through your hard working days.”

The process to develop this statement was a thought-provoking task. While it took a lot of patience and brainstorming, we believe we captured the unique atmosphere of Rossi’s, all while appealing to three very separate and different target markets.

By Marissa Kelly 

Group Three: Marissa Kelly, Jessica Schicke, Nicole Curry 


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