It’s The Little Things That Make a Big Difference

Written by: Molly Weeks

Branding and reputation management is so important when it comes to creating a positive association with a company. I have really started to notice that there are a wide variety of different aspects that go into making sure a brand holds a strong rep. Not only is it about them standing for something that is bigger than themselves and making sure their audience is well respected and appreciated, but it also consists of constant research that not only allows the company to better understand their specific products, but also the world around their products and the impacts that it may have. A big part of this is customer service and learning from real world experiences both the positive and negative impact of their products/brand.

I feel as if I have never put into perspective the importance of customer service until most recently. I feel as if most people generally have a poor association with customer service; the initial thoughts that come forth regarding the topic generally fall under the topic of how the people are rude (that is if you ever get to speak with an actual human), how conversations are consistently circular and never manage to solve any of the initial issues you brought forth etc. However, I feel as if with the growing age of technology, social media has actually had a positive impact on the customer service/reputation aspect of brands (that is if the company is handling social media correctly). Social media facilitates the communication between the customer and the company. If there is an issue, there are a wide variety of platforms that can be utilized in order to get in touch with a representative regarding the issue you are addressing.

In class we actually spoke about Twitter and how some companies are lacking in their personalization of responses and lack of assistance. That is a major fault for sure because it brings forth how poorly the company is at helping their customers and everyone can see it. If you have a strong presence on social media, it will definitely be beneficial overall. For Gem’s Bagels and our budget campaign, we are focusing on increasing their overall social media presence. Yes we have to think about when to post, and on what platforms, with what specific content etc., but I think that it is really important to take into consideration the other side of posting: responding. We need to make sure we are aware of the audience and their posts on social media regarding Gem’s. If they ask a question, try to be consistent in responding. If they make a suggestion, the customer really does know best, so we should focus on actually taking it into consideration. It’s the little things like that that go a long way.

I have actually paid more attention to that recently and have made a few tweets myself at various companies to see how they would respond and if they would actually be helpful. I have to say that with my personal experience, I have been pretty successful! Brands are now aware that they have to really keep on top of their social media because that is what most people look at pretty much all day, everyday. If their target audience, who follows them on different media platforms, notices that they responded poorly to their buyers, clearly they’re then going to have a negative perception and spread that word to others. Consistency is key! (but don’t worry, I know content is key also!)

Group 7: Katie R., Greg S. & Molly W.


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