Blue Apron: Tapping into a New Market

Post by: Imani Campuzano-Guevara

Blue apron is a company based in giving their customers the tools to create healthy food, providing a perfect middle ground between takeout food and restaurants. They have been able to successfully tap into this niche market without sacrificing quality. They understand that cooking meals at home can become a mundane task when people are uninspired. So they have found new and creative ways to invite people to try their product. For example, they have a highly rated app that both member and non-members can access. It gives them a look into their seasonal recipes, how-to videos, cooking tips and wine pairings; allowing them to save their favorite recipes and share them on socialblue-apron-app-1200x0.jpg
media sites. This interactive app lets the user post the photos of their creations, much like Instagram, while building a community of foodies. Not only that but users can rate and give feedback on the recipes whether they are positive or negative, this type of open forum creates trust between the customers and the company. With new recipes coming in each week, Blue Apron seems to be reacting to these comments.

Considering all of these amazing features, we believe that that people should gain more knowledge on this growing company. Based on our research we have discovered that women and people aged 35 and up tend to buy this product. This is due to the fact that women are gaining more independence, valuing their careers and personal well-being. These kits save them time for meal planning, proving inspirational meals with short prep work and cooking time. For women who have career and families this gives them more time to focus on the other things that are important with a healthy kick.

We intent on tap into the market of people aged 24 to 35, as they begin to work and gain a steady income as well as starting families they’ll be seeking convenience. We’ve found that people who tend to buy Blue Apron highlight its ease of use and are more receptive to family-oriented ads. They are more interested in finding goods deals on food through print ads and are more inclined to try a product if there are deals and discount codes included. Using this information, we plan to have a call to action for current users to leave reviews as well as maximize pleasant customer experiences encouraging them to leave positive reviews.

giphy (3).gif

Group 8: Elizabeth Brozovich, Sydney Lucas, Jessica D’Amelia, Imani Campuzano-Guevara.


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