Companies & Generation Z

Gen Z is loosely defined as individuals born between 1992-2010’s. You’ll find that the early 90’s ( up to 1995), is considered by some to be Millennials or apart of Generation Z. At the cusp of both, those attending college right now can be a combination of both. This article by Mashable provided some food for thought on this emerging generation.

In order to connect with Gen Z, companies are going to have to shift the way they communicate. First, Gen Z puts an emphasis on the value of things. They like to discover, criticize with objectivity and then share their thoughts. This is the biggest opportunity for companies. They MUST provide a platform for their Gen Z-ers to share their thoughts. They cannot attempt to stifle or control a conversation. If a Gen Z-er loves your product or services, that is a consumer for the long run.

Following the same characteristic, Gen Z tailors every aspect of their life to fit them. They  pick and choose singular items from a variety of brands to create their version of style and the world. There is no cookie cutter Gen Z-er and therefor no cookie cutter product for this generations. They  make decision based on the value or necessity an item has in their life. This is going to be a challenge for companies. They must focus on quality of their products rather that marketing strategies.

Continuing that same thought, Gen Z is not BRAND loyal. Which means they will not hand their loyalty over to a brand because of it’s name, esteem, and persona. They see past the glitter and glitz of brand images and judge the core of the company, their products. In an age where we are bombarded with advertising and marketing, this characteristic of Gen Z makes the most sense.

For our brand Trending Fox, college students are our target audience. From what I have read about Gen Z and my observation of college students as a whole, Gen Z resonates more with me and college students. This article gives a great basic direction in how to be effective when dealing with Gen Z. Since Trending Fox is a new company, this information is a great template for consumer-company relations for the current consumer demographic but more importantly the incoming college students.

-Mary Romero

Group 5


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