Strategies Outlast Campaigns

A strategy can last for years, whereas the creative work, the campaign that springs from that strategy and expresses the underlying thinking, changes more frequently.  A change of agency or budget, a global realignment of the brand, research indicating that the current campaign isn’t working, or simply the need to refresh a heavily run campaign are all possible reasons for developing new creative work based on the same strategy. Since the strategy can last for a long time, it needs to be clear especially for a global brand. It forms the bed rock of the brand or service.

evian-live-youngTake Evian water for example. The strategy behind the Evian brand is built on youth. While this strategy hasn’t changed in years it’s expression (the advertising) has. Evian know longer mentions the Alpine source and it’s advertising. Instead, it leaves it to the website to support Evian’s long-held youth strategy with the details of its source and balance mineral content. It describes how their mineral water journey for 15 years through an ancient glacial filter deep in the heart of the French Alps, and is bottled at source so you can enjoy it’s naturally pure and refreshing taste anywhere, anytime. Of course no bottle of water can make you stay young, but by promising to help your body live young Evian can create many different campaigns.

In the highly competitive bottled water market, Evian has progressed to a more emotional approach in it’s advertising, to connect more with its consumers, and has bebe-evian-roller_02moved away from functional messaging, which has done wonders for the brand. In 2009 Evian’s commercial featuring the roller babies was among the most watched online advertising. This has since been followed by their T-shirt commercial which retains the strategy of “live young”, again showing babies but in a totally different way. The strategy didn’t change; suggesting that drinking Evian will help you maintain a youthful body. However the expression of the strategy moved from babies doing stunts towards a more unified expression of you feeling young. These new executions make the individual become one with the energetic baby.

A strong strategy is single minded, yet can encompass change in its expression in theevian-limited-edition-tees executions. It might seem as if the T-shirt and roller babies ideas are to similar, yet difference between them is considerable. The range of people showing their characteristics the lively interactions with each other is far more involving. This is a perfect example of staying with the same strong strategy and understanding how the expression of it can change, visually and tonally.

Elektra Nelson- Group 2

May I Have Your Attention Please

Creating meaningful social media content can be a challenge for a small business owner to manage. However, it is a great tool to engage with consumers and build a presence online. At IDEAS consulting group, we specialize in building the basics for our clients to make the most impact with as few words, and little time as possible. Digital marketing can seem like a huge project to take on for many clients.


But what the industry doesn’t want you to know is…. anyone can achieve results!

Managing your online presence can be as simple as sharing a Facebook post. Yet, over 50% of small businesses today don’t have a website at all! Here at IDEAS consultants, it is our mission to change that.

There are so many options to begin building your brand image online. The key is to keep it simple, and be original. Don’t be afraid to be the comic sans in a world of times new roman. People respond to passion, not answering-machine-style language.

Making your message stand out is as easy as starting a conversation. Here are our top ten ideas for creating social media buzz:

  1. Introduce your team.
  2. Post a motivational quote.
  3. Share your thoughts on a funny video.
  4. Tell your story, why did you start this business?
  5. Post your company # and invite your followers to call if they have questions.
  6. Dedicate a theme for each weekday such as TGIF or “throwback” Thursday pictures.
  7. Did you finish a project or add new product? Ask what your followers think!
  8. Post all your holiday sales and promotions.
  9. Never underestimate the power of the meme:  “Us waiting for April to give birth”
  10. Last but not least, ENGAGE! Treat every comment as a golden opportunity to build rapport. Asking questions, and being responsive will increase your brand awareness. Participating in social media will show your customers your values and services, without costing you a dime. #SCORE


Written by: Alexis Batulis

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Content is King; What is the Right Content for Your Brand?

Content is king; brands can live or die based from this one rule. Social media is essential to ensure you have strong content and a platform to engage with an audience. As mentioned in class, before you can gain followers on Twitter or Instagram, you must have strong content there already. No one wants to follow a blank page or one with little content. Hitting the follow button is subscribing to that content, and people want to see what they are subscribing to before they hit that follow button. reynolds wrap instagramYou wouldn’t think that a saran wrap company would produce enjoyable content, but as seen with Reynolds Wrap’s Instagram, they share engaging content that makes people want to subscribe and try more recipes that they are sharing.
Reynolds wrap is not a very visual brand, but their content is all about the different snacks and recipes that their wrap can help preserve. Effect content almost usually has a certain call to action or element of engagement with a certain audience like “hey try out these recipes and wrap them in our brand of saran wrap.” This call interactive call to action allows the public to want to hit the follow and see more recipes.

Sharpie’s Instagram is another brand praised for its social media use. Sharpie’s Instagram interacts with its audience by Instagramming designs made by customers using sharpies.sharpie-instagram Since Sharpies are such a visual and colorful product, this is an effective way to post entertaining and relevant content, as well as interacting with their audience by requesting designs for them to send content to post. Like Sharpie, our company, Revamp Inc., offers a unique and visual service that is perfectly shown through Instagram or Snapchat.

Revamp Inc.’s social media implementation to spread brand awareness and engage with our target audience is large part of our media strategy to help get them on the map. Revamp Inc. has made many strides in improving their social media. One major step was the rebranding from Trending Fox to Revamp Inc. so consumers would have a better idea of the concept being sold. Along with this rebranding, their new and improved Instagram has only uploaded their new company logo. The next step Revamp Inc. is taking is redesigning some donated or pre-purchased clothes and have a photoshoot to display before and after looks of common store bought clothes. Those pictures will be uploaded to Instagram, as well as use a Snap Story to show the process of the clothes being redesigned to have full transparency with our target audience. Through this, potential consumers can look at the styles and final products, as well as get an opportunity to feel like a model by having chance for their pictures to be uploaded to the official company account. Revamp Inc. wants to ensure that their content is enjoyable and engaging with their audience, in addition to being informative about the quality of the products consumers purchase.

By Brian Alter (Group 5)

The Power of a Mission Statement

Written by: Madison Gabor

Mission statements: every company should have one, and every company should make sure theirs is solid before putting it out to their consumers to see.

The formal definition of a mission statement is “a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual.” The term “values” can have a different meaning to different people, and can also be difficult to put into a single sentence or two. In our case we are using a company, IDEAS Interior Design, a local interior decorating company ran by one woman.

Our final mission statement that we are using for our Media Strategy is:

ONLY WE apply personalized touches to your home, using our expertise in traditional decorating to give each property that “home-sweet-home” feeling.”

We believe this encompasses IDEAS Interior Design as a whole, because of the following reasons:

1.) ONLY WE- This is one of the most important aspects of a mission statement. In order to set ourselves apart from other local interior designers, we have to let our customers know that we are the ONLY company in the area that can give them what they need.

2.) Apply personalized touches- This section of the mission statement lets our customer know that we are all ears, and that their wants and needs WILL be met.

3.) Using our expertise in traditional decorating- This section shows customers that we are an interior decorating company who focuses mainly on one area: traditional. Traditional decorating style “offers a combination of comfortable furniture, classic designs and casual décor. It is a term that includes several design elements, including warm colors and symmetrical lines” (HGTV). By only focusing on one area, customers who are interested in traditional decorating will be more inclined to hire us.

4.) “Home-sweet-home” feeling- This is the last section of our mission statement. Since we are a traditional decorating company, we believe that the families we work with will want their homes to be their safe safe. A place that they can come back to in order to relax and spend quality time together. This is the core of the our mission statement.

We spent a majority of a class critiquing and meticulously adjusting the wording of each companies mission statement. This is when I realized that peer reviewing should be used in all aspects of work. When you think your mission statement is finally ready to be presented, peers have valuable feedback to make it THAT much better. Without the peer review, we could not have successfully come up with our final mission statement.

Does It Take Big Bucks To Be In The Big Leagues?

Post By: Ashley Liso
Despite the decreasing popularity print advertisements in today’s thriving digital-obsessed culture, big top fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Glamour continue to gain total audiences of anywhere from 10 million to 15 million readers. In developing our limited budget plan, the Katie Diamond Jewelry team had hoped to showcase our brand in one of these fashion-forward mediums.

In conducting our research, the Katie Diamond team soon realized the harsh reality of advertising in highly known magazines: big names = BIG money. If you are a small-town business trying to score a full-page advertisement in Cosmopolitan, I hope you have $325,400 disposable in the pocket of your over-priced distressed Abercrombie jeans.

The truth is simple: small businesses simply do not have the funds to hold desired advertisement spots in the top trending magazines, despite how deserving such companies may be. Desiring to stay within our set $5,000 budget, my team and I turned to local media within the community where the Katie Diamond Jewelry Store is located. This is when we discovered our diamond in the rough – New Jersey Monthly.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 9.19.30 PM.png

Not bad for a local magazine, huh? New Jersey Monthly is exactly what it sounds like – a magazine that features all things New Jersey, including shops and fashion.

The magazine offers businesses a various sizes of advertisements to choose from, with clear deadlines on when materials must be submitted to be featured in the monthly issue desired. For Katie Diamond Jewelry, we found that a quarter page advertisement in New Jersey Monthly will cost $2,500, a fraction of the cost of advertising in the big leagues.

In print, New Jersey Monthly has approximately 510,726 readers, and is displayed in more than 1,300 retail stores. The magazine’s audience is 59% female, with 34% of readers shopping at advertised stores. Readers of the magazine spend $3 billion a year on items such as apparel, furniture, entertainment, and our specialty – jewelry.

In advertising in New Jersey Monthly, we hope to expose Katie Diamond Jewelry to our target audience of women ages 25-34 while positioning the company as a unique, yet prestigious brand of jewelry. Working millennial women are likely to encounter this magazine when traveling all throughout the state in prime locations. We want to reach the right audience and make the right connections with the limited budget we have, and with New Jersey Monthly, we will do just that.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 9.45.02 PM

So the bottom line is this – if you own a small-time business with limited funds, don’t be discouraged if you have to start advertising on a smaller scale. It is still possible (and likely) for small-scale advertising to drive big business. Local exposure can be extremely beneficial to businesses, and it is likely to create a loyal customer base within reach. You might find that your target market is much more easily accessible than you think, with much less of a cost than anticipated!

Group 1 (Ashley Liso, Katherine Braver, Jared Boba, and Amber Urena)


Mobile Media

Mobile media is very important on a college campus due to the fact college students use mobile media everyday. If you were to walk on a college campus you would see almost every student on their phone. Mobile media would be the fastest way to get information, news, updates and more across campus. Everyone checks their social media sites every 30 mins or more so this something was sent out it would be seen sooner than if it was sent to an email. Not everyone checks their email as often as they check their social media sites. Its important to know your target audience and what they would check the most so your information is looked at.

Jessica Schicke

group members Marisa and Nicole group 3

It’s The Little Things That Make a Big Difference

Written by: Molly Weeks

Branding and reputation management is so important when it comes to creating a positive association with a company. I have really started to notice that there are a wide variety of different aspects that go into making sure a brand holds a strong rep. Not only is it about them standing for something that is bigger than themselves and making sure their audience is well respected and appreciated, but it also consists of constant research that not only allows the company to better understand their specific products, but also the world around their products and the impacts that it may have. A big part of this is customer service and learning from real world experiences both the positive and negative impact of their products/brand.

I feel as if I have never put into perspective the importance of customer service until most recently. I feel as if most people generally have a poor association with customer service; the initial thoughts that come forth regarding the topic generally fall under the topic of how the people are rude (that is if you ever get to speak with an actual human), how conversations are consistently circular and never manage to solve any of the initial issues you brought forth etc. However, I feel as if with the growing age of technology, social media has actually had a positive impact on the customer service/reputation aspect of brands (that is if the company is handling social media correctly). Social media facilitates the communication between the customer and the company. If there is an issue, there are a wide variety of platforms that can be utilized in order to get in touch with a representative regarding the issue you are addressing.

In class we actually spoke about Twitter and how some companies are lacking in their personalization of responses and lack of assistance. That is a major fault for sure because it brings forth how poorly the company is at helping their customers and everyone can see it. If you have a strong presence on social media, it will definitely be beneficial overall. For Gem’s Bagels and our budget campaign, we are focusing on increasing their overall social media presence. Yes we have to think about when to post, and on what platforms, with what specific content etc., but I think that it is really important to take into consideration the other side of posting: responding. We need to make sure we are aware of the audience and their posts on social media regarding Gem’s. If they ask a question, try to be consistent in responding. If they make a suggestion, the customer really does know best, so we should focus on actually taking it into consideration. It’s the little things like that that go a long way.

I have actually paid more attention to that recently and have made a few tweets myself at various companies to see how they would respond and if they would actually be helpful. I have to say that with my personal experience, I have been pretty successful! Brands are now aware that they have to really keep on top of their social media because that is what most people look at pretty much all day, everyday. If their target audience, who follows them on different media platforms, notices that they responded poorly to their buyers, clearly they’re then going to have a negative perception and spread that word to others. Consistency is key! (but don’t worry, I know content is key also!)

Group 7: Katie R., Greg S. & Molly W.

Separate From the Competition



Every brand or company needs direction, and that’s where the “Only We” statement comes into play. Unlike a mission statement, the Only We statement needs to show how a brand stands out from the competition. When beginning the process of developing our own Only We statement for our small business, Rossi’s, our group struggled with where to start. Sure, Rossi’s is definitely a unique business, but there are plenty of delis in the area that act as standout competitors.

We zoned in on our target audiences in order to start forming an appropriate statement. For Rossi’s, we determined that the company has three solid potential targets within the Hudson Valley Area. These three would be business professionals, college students and mothers. At first glance, all these separate individuals seem vastly different. Our group was challenged with creating a statement that would encompass all three potential targets considering they were so different to begin with. For this reason, we began to brainstorm their commonalities.

The development to create our statement starts with identifying what a business professional, a college student and a mother all have in common. The most recognizable commonality for Rossi’s is its setting. Considering the deli isn’t a nationally recognized name, noting that all three targets belong to the Hudson Valley area is essential. We determined that these individuals are hard-working in their own ways, and that they are always going overboard with whatever projects or tasks are placed in front of them. Our targets are passionate for trying new things, and experiencing new cultures; both of which they can do by eating at Rossi’s. They have strong family values and aren’t ashamed to admit it. And lastly, they truly enjoy treating themselves, but more importantly, they find fun in showing off their enjoyment.

The commonalities within our target audiences are what led us to our “Only We” statement. After brainstorming, we were able to come up with something that not only fit the business, but something that would appeal to all three of our targets. Our end result was: “Only we provide the experience of Italy in the Hudson Valley by incorporating the delicious food that impresses your friends, brings your family together, satisfies your cultural desires, and helps you get through your hard working days.”

The process to develop this statement was a thought-provoking task. While it took a lot of patience and brainstorming, we believe we captured the unique atmosphere of Rossi’s, all while appealing to three very separate and different target markets.

By Marissa Kelly 

Group Three: Marissa Kelly, Jessica Schicke, Nicole Curry 

Blue Apron: Tapping into a New Market

Post by: Imani Campuzano-Guevara

Blue apron is a company based in giving their customers the tools to create healthy food, providing a perfect middle ground between takeout food and restaurants. They have been able to successfully tap into this niche market without sacrificing quality. They understand that cooking meals at home can become a mundane task when people are uninspired. So they have found new and creative ways to invite people to try their product. For example, they have a highly rated app that both member and non-members can access. It gives them a look into their seasonal recipes, how-to videos, cooking tips and wine pairings; allowing them to save their favorite recipes and share them on socialblue-apron-app-1200x0.jpg
media sites. This interactive app lets the user post the photos of their creations, much like Instagram, while building a community of foodies. Not only that but users can rate and give feedback on the recipes whether they are positive or negative, this type of open forum creates trust between the customers and the company. With new recipes coming in each week, Blue Apron seems to be reacting to these comments.

Considering all of these amazing features, we believe that that people should gain more knowledge on this growing company. Based on our research we have discovered that women and people aged 35 and up tend to buy this product. This is due to the fact that women are gaining more independence, valuing their careers and personal well-being. These kits save them time for meal planning, proving inspirational meals with short prep work and cooking time. For women who have career and families this gives them more time to focus on the other things that are important with a healthy kick.

We intent on tap into the market of people aged 24 to 35, as they begin to work and gain a steady income as well as starting families they’ll be seeking convenience. We’ve found that people who tend to buy Blue Apron highlight its ease of use and are more receptive to family-oriented ads. They are more interested in finding goods deals on food through print ads and are more inclined to try a product if there are deals and discount codes included. Using this information, we plan to have a call to action for current users to leave reviews as well as maximize pleasant customer experiences encouraging them to leave positive reviews.

giphy (3).gif

Group 8: Elizabeth Brozovich, Sydney Lucas, Jessica D’Amelia, Imani Campuzano-Guevara.

It’s All About the Numbers

“Go with your gut” – a common phrase people use to make decisions. Most of us have had to make some extreme decisions that have the potential to have a big impact on our lives. Each of the decisions we make in our lives present one major dilemma – do we chose the easy way out, the safest choice, or do we take a leap of faith and do something with that risk factor that makes our heart nearly beat our of our chest with fear?

Business and Instinct

A lot of entrepreneurs start their business based on instinct, not data. That leap of faith that they feel in their gut is the courage they need start a company. However, in the long run, this gut-driven approach to decision making will narrow their horizons and create a close-minded company culture within the organization.

Katie Diamond started her career crafting engagement rings and jewelry gifts for friends in her spare time. Her unique pieces were inspired by world travel and selected by her husband on ventures to India and Hong Kong. In 2007, Katie Diamond took her leap of faith, and launched her own Jewelry line which features unique gemstones and styles that are classified as both bohemian and luxe.


It is now time for Katie Diamond to increase brand awareness for her boutique located in New Jersey.  This is where my team steps in; we make data driven decisions to build off of the leap she took with her gut instinct and use the facts to conceptualize media strategies to promote her brand, located in New Jersey.

Our Mission

At Katie Diamond, we aim to be the preferred jeweler for working, millennial women interested in bohemian luxury and custom-made jewelry. We believe that women should flaunt unique pieces that reflect their personal style. For this reason, we offer a variety of worldly designs made with high quality materials that set us apart from others.


Only we can provide working, millennial women with high-end jewelry, while giving them jewelry that reflects their unique style.

Why Is It All About The Numbers?

There is a surplus of data available for people to use to their advantage while making business marketing decisions. It wasn’t until recently that businesses began performing analytics on data that they realized their own databases stored. This information includes consumer trends, demographics, media reaches, and more. As companies strive to stand out in this data-driven world, it is important to keep these things in mind while launching a new marketing campaign.

This is exactly what the Katie Diamond media team is working with.

Our Numbers

University Reporter is a database that provides users with consumer product usage data, with several options to sort data reports that I would recommend people using to construct data reports before selecting a defined target audience, and creating a media strategy. For those interested, I found this article that discusses how to use and read this database correctly:

Our studies of the jewelry industry show that women in the 25-34 age group are more likely to purchase diamonds due to the high index.

We also researched the amount of women who purchase their jewelry from an independent jeweler. Although the 25-25 age group didn’t have the highest index as compared to the 45-54 age group, there is still a high number of this age group buying from independent jewelers (more than 900,000). Therefore, we made the data driven decision to target the 25-34 age group of women for Katie Diamond’s new media strategy. 

We will be targeting the Experiencer: young, enthusiastic, and impulsive consumer who seeks variety and excitement. Spends substantially on fashion, entertainment, and socializing.

Numbers Can Be Creative, Too.

I would like to take this time to thank the tech-savy experts of the databases who are able to provide these numbers to people such as the Katie Diamond media strategy team. The decisions made from these numbers are the foundation of our creative media plans.

The Experiencer consumer profile highlights their media consumption habits. Their media engagement is mainly on social media, active searching, blogging, and mostly takes place on handheld devices such as iPhone and iPad. Therefore, the layouts of the media must correlate with the resolution and screen size of these devices. 

We will aim to implement curated content on Instagram for reliable fashion bloggers to showcase because it will reach our target audience and create a positive reaction. We also plan to increase Search Engine Optimization for the brand name and landing page. Snapchat is also a popular media outlet for our consumers, so implementing creative content on the app will reach the target and promote the brand.

Here are some tips for other teams like us:

  1. Use demographic data in your campaign planning – it is important to notice things about your consumer to predict future habits that will lead them to your brand.
  2. Don’t spend all your money on risky ventures – data includes the numbers you need to ensure success before investing your first dollar
  3. There is always room for improvement – data research and analytics keep this process continuous. The market always changes, do not fall behind because your media strategy is matching the current consumer trends.
Written by: Katherine Braver – Group 1