Keywords are a Major Key


By Katherine Raborg

For our group presentation a few weeks ago we discussed the importance of things like radio and tv content, press vs. news releases and newsrooms but my biggest takeaway had to be about the importance of keywords. Something I never grasped was how companies were able to reach consumers so directly even from a random google search. It was as if these companies already knew what you would search, and that’s exactly right. Even in our textbook, the author outlines how it is no mistake when you stumble upon exactly what you searched for and this is all because of keywords.

Much like how companies will keep track of your online activities through behavioral targeting, they will also look at what specific words and phrases you search. Through this research of their target audiences, they craft news and press releases they know will resonate with their consumers. If you adopt a voice that sounds like your consumers, they will be able to connect with you as a company on an even deeper level. Using specific phrases and words will not only create better connections but it will move your site up on the search list, and everyone knows it’s always better to be at the top.

I believe that sometimes companies forget the fact that their customers are the sole reason they can continue to exist. They may place their shareholders and investors above all else, and while they are important, it’s still crucial to be able to communicate with all of your audiences in ways they will understand. Every public is an important public and deserves attention. Like DJ Khaled would say, keywords and phrases are a “major key” and something every company should be aware of.


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