Trending Fox-Limited and Unlimited Budget Update

Group 5-Trending Fox

By David Zambuto

With only seven weeks left until the presentations for the limited and unlimited budgets for our student run company, the question that remains is what will be chosen media plan for each situation.

However both our media plans will include the resources of:

  • A budget a few thousand dollars
  • The use of an intern to control social media
  • A rigorous content creation plan
  • Branding to fully differentiate Trending Fox from competition

For us the situation is different as a student run fashion company on a limited budget has significant budget cuts. While these budget cuts present a difficulty for advertising and marketing purposes it actually provides a business solution for developing companies to get creative. As a communications student at Marist College, there are numerous set of resources free to use on campus for digital and print content.

For our developing fashion company, the idea is to fully establish what the brand stands for with utilizing online tools where consumers can learn and interact with the brand. The benefit that we have as brand builders and marketers is that Trending Fox didn’t have an online identity pre-established before we had them as clients. For us, due to the limited budget, the emphases will be placed on free tools, with creating a Facebook Page, creating a website via WordPress or SquareSpace with creating a blog, having an Instagram and Twitter, using/creating a Youtube Channel and using access to Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, the creation of content that can be shared. Additionally, another viable strategy would include demonstrations and interactive communication means on key points on campus.

For our unlimited budget, the concept we have in mind is to create a team of marketing/branding experts and get the idea of Trending Fox to other Colleges and Universities and then build the brand to become a national concept and be along the lines of H&M, Macy’s, etc. Since the budget is unlimited, the idea is to expand to various media outlets, which includes bill boards, print, web and social media via Snapchat with Snapchat ads or Snapchat stories.


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