Make Personalization a Priority

By Amber Urena


We are at the point in this new digital age where we’ve accustomed to the over saturation of news and media in our daily lives. Information has become such a trivial aspect of our routines that we only really focus in on what is relevant to us. For brands attempting to permeate their products and messages to masses for the sake of gaining awareness, personalization should be a top priority first.

Sending brand content and messages recklessly is very similar to what what we do with our junk mail.  When we receive unknown or unsolicited mail, we move it straight to the trash folder; it serves no meaning to us. This is why brands should steer away from marketing to masses and hone in on how they can personalize the brand messages and content sent. In fact, marketing to masses is one of the simplest aspects of the marketing process. There are endless online tools that can distribute your media/content to the right people and places, all one has to do is pay the price. If we can distribute our content to audiences who would actually read our message and call to action, marketing to masses really is just a waste of time and money.

Thus, personalization allows for your brand to be more creative in the media produced because you are no longer creating messages that can apply to mass audiences. When brands are perceptive, audiences are more prone to trust the brand and accept a brand-consumer relationship. Custom experiences make people feel that they are special. If you compare a NYC based real estate agent and a Colorado based mountain biker, one can assume that their consumer worlds are drastically different. However, it is possible that they both use services like Verizon Fios or All State. If the companies can create campaigns with very catered messages, it is likely that the relationship between the company and the niche consumer can be improved. Why? Because through the personalization efforts of the brand, the consumer will make different considerations of its value to them.

At the base of any marketing strategy, personalization should be a top priority to assure that you are not only sending the right message, but evoking a desired response.



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