30/60/10: The Golden Ratio For Social Marketing

By: Ashton Bottini


When planning a social media content marketing strategy, it is confusing to understand what exactly is the right mix of content. Companies ask questions such as: How much of curated content should be shared? How much of owned content should be shared? And how often should a company post purely promotional calls to action?

Bottini Fuel could benefit from using the specific ratio 30/60/10 in their social media in order to have a successful mix of first-party and third-party content. Right now, Bottini Fuel is lacking on social media as a whole. They currently have 476 Facebook Likes and 53 Instagram Followers.


Using the Golden Ratio rule on their social media accounts could help capture the attention of locals as well as interact without boring them about all things oil.

The Golden Ratio for Social Marketing states that 30 percent of what a company shares should be content they created. 60 percent of what they share should be content they curated. 10 percent of what they share should be calls to action.

Owned content can include things such as the company’s photos, blogs, or videos. One may question why only 30 percent of shared content should be created. The answer is because people don’t want to listen to companies talk about themselves all day. Also, a company may not have enough owned content in order to keep up. Therefore, this rule benefits smaller companies such as Bottini Fuel because they may find it difficult to create their very own content daily.

By using only 30 percent of owned content, Bottini Fuel can post to social media about fundraisers they are participating in, deals, information about the company, what the employees are doing, what’s new with the company, or even how to sign up to drive in new customers.

Next, curated content links to content created by others that is relevant to the brand. It is said that curated content should always contain more than just a link; it should contain the company’s point of view as well to make their voice heard.

Why is it so important for a company to use curated content in social media? The answer is because it allows companies to engage their community with the most relevant topics right now. Companies should make sure they are aware of trending topics and what is happening in the world to show they are up to date and interested.

By using 60 percent of curated content, Bottini Fuel can post to social media about various topics such as providing tips on how to check your carbon monoxide detector, how to insulate your home for winter, how to save money on energy bills, or just current events that are happing in the Hudson Valley area. Simple tips such as these will make homeowners interested because everyone loves to save money and keep their families safe.

For example: Be Prepared to Stay Safe and Healthy in Winter

Lastly, call to action is a companies promotional content. For example, it is their “sign up for this product” or “50% off” content that motivates customer’s actions and attitudes. A company should not do too much selling on social media because it can be a turn off, in turn losing followers.

Bottini Fuel can use the 10% of promotional content on social media to also gain new customers and followers. For example, they can do a refer-a-friend program and give the both people discounts. They can also do a one-day only sign up discount or a call now to receive a discount on your next service. There are various options Bottini Fuel has when it comes to promotional data, and it is seasonal allowing for a greater flexibility between heat and air conditioning.

By following the Golden Ratio, Bottini Fuel will be able to have guidance on understanding the right mix of content for their business. This rule is a great starting point and can be adjusted as they begin to grow their social media and make their brand better known online.

If Bottini Fuel were to begin using the Golden Ratio this week, they could start by posting to Facebook and Instagram.

For 20 posts on Facebook and Instagram in total this month, Bottini Fuel should post:

6 pieces of owned content

12 links to curated content

2 call to action

This method can really help Bottini Fuel’s social media get up and running and be successful in the future.



(Group 2: Ashton Bottini, Elektra Nelson, Justin Mullins, and Lauren Dinnebeil)




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