Research Is The Foundation For Success

Written by: Molly Weeks

Creating a print media plan is a crucial step to the overall success of brand/ product development. Its overall organizational factors help to benefit the facilitate the process as a whole and form a better understanding for the plan that has to be executed. This week we created and submitted our print media plan. Creating this plan enhanced our overall understanding of how important it is to have a step by step process of what needs to get done in order for the brand to find success.

I think putting the plan together was not as difficult as we had initially assumed it would be, but it brought to our attention the variety of different factors that need to be considered when creating a plan. Not to say that there were an overwhelming amount of aspects that went into the plan, because there weren’t, but it is that there should be great detail for each individual aspect involved. For example, the target audience of you brand/product.

I have noticed that not only in this class, but throughout the entirety of my collegiate education in studying communications (both PR and advertising), that specifications for a target audience holds great importance in leading the brand to success. If companies or brands simply guessed and knew solely the general information about their target audience, in no way would they be able to find great success. Specific ages, use of overall media, gender majority, daily habits/rituals, biggest challenges/obstacles faced etc. just scratches the surface of the information you should be aware of when working with a specific target (may vary based upon the use of the product you are attempting to advertise, of course). And this information most of the time does not just fall right into the palm of your hand. It needs to be researched and picked apart in order to gather all the useful concepts to work with. In order to do so, extensive research is most definitely involved.

I never realized how much research needed to be done in communications until my last two years of college. You may think your assumptions on media and audience for a product will get you far, but you will never know how much information you are missing until you dive right into the research. The more you know about the people, product, brand and location, the easier it will be to access the relatability factor to trigger those you are trying to grasp the attention of.


I thought I knew enough about the audience of a bagel shop, but little did I know how much I really needed to know in order to create a solid plan. Our focus for our project is Gem’s House of Bagels. It is great that there are so many useful resources available to us in today’s day in age that simplify our research as well as spark greater creativity. I can’t even imagine coming up with a great strategy or advertisement without utilizing my advanced technological resources. Now I really do give a lot of credit to my parents for making it through school and even part of their work experience without the use of advanced technology.

The key takeaway that I have managed to learn this far is to always utilized the full extent of your resources because there is no way to truly compete or successfully create without it. With the [social] media we have at our fingertips today, there is no way we even have an excuse as to not knowing everything about our audience, the products and the process. Research is the foundation for success and the initial starting point that helps drive you to greatness.

(Group 7: Katherine Raborg, Greg Shikowitz, & Molly Weeks)


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