Introducing the New Instagram Feature

Instagram gives users the ability to add multiple photos and videos to one post.

Instagram recently updated their technology and now possesses the capability to add multiple photos and videos to a single post. This feature is also known as the Instagram “photo album” or “carousel” allowing users to select up to 10 photos or videos which they are then able to reorganize and edit one by one or all at once. Captions and location tags however apply to the entire collection of photos/videos. “In feed, you’ll see blue dots at the bottom of these posts to let you know you can swipe to see more,” says Instagram in a blog post. Major advertisers have had this carousel ad capability as part of their social media marketing campaigns since 2015 because it was an Instagram feature they paid for, but now every day users are granted this access for the first time free of charge. Therefore, this feature is ideal for social media managers and content creators to increase impressions and engagement with a brand via social media.

This feature is changing the way in which people view their every day media which companies must take into consideration when producing marketing and/or advertising campaigns. Utilizing this feature the correct way will increase ones visual storytelling capabilities. It also eliminates the challenge of just picking one single photo or video to complete the message one would like their target audience to receive.

Here are some ideas to make the most of this new feature in relation to a specific brand:

  1. Introducing a new product: provide the target audience with several photos and videos from different angles about a new product. Since it is an album of several pictures in one post, people won’t feel spammed or bombarded with several different posts.
  2. Product demonstration/tutorial: demonstrating the use of a product will allow the viewer to imagine themselves using it as well.
  3. Celebration: It is important to not only remote products, but to also brand a company’s image. For example, if a company is celebrating an anniversary, or an accomplishment, the social media coordinators could share photos showcasing their top moments over the years in relation to that event.
  4. Showcase teamwork: take a photo of each team member and also provide a group photo to promote a team oriented environment and establish a relationship with consumers by putting a face to the company and increase brand loyalty.

Be sure to jump on this visual story telling bandwagon before everybody else starts doing it! It is important to be unique in the media in order to stand out. Use your company’s content to tell a story – at the end of the day, that is what your target audience will connect with!

Written by: Katherine Braver



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