Facebook, Video, and Print Advertising?


Facebook is positioning itself to be the ultimate video platform after introducing new video formats, a refined News Feed experience, and the development of the Facebook video app.The new Facebook video app for televisions hit app stores for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV.  These developments are important for marketers, advertisers, and media buyers as it changes how brands will interact with consumers on the social platform.

Facebook’s ad load is “near a point of saturation, the company is searching for new places to put ads — and video appears to be the next frontier for Facebook’s ad business.” Advertisements are now being placed in the middle of live and uploaded video on Facebook and publisher’s sites, and with 1.23 billion daily Facebook users we as marketers, advertisers and media strategists need to plan accordingly. Will this improved video experience engage users or will it be difficult for brands to cut through the clutter? Are the print strategies we are currently developing for our brands irrelevant, or is print a way to avoid the clutter?

By: Valentina Ballas



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