The Golden Ratio

Posted by: Imani Campuzano-Guevara

In a social media driven world brands scramble to be noticed and content is a key factor in that process. People don’t want to see an endless stream of ads that only talks about the product or promotions that may cheapen the brand. Even sharing too many articles or resources related to the brand can distract the consumer from the product being promoted. That’s where The Golden Ratio for Social Marketing steps in as guideline to the perfect ratio of shared content. For those who don’t quite know how to properly market their brand or product these methods are key in understanding the market.

This strategy is divided into three sections:

FullSizeRender.jpg30: Content You Created

One would think that the content created by the company should play a larger role when it comes to marketing, however this is not the case. People are more self-interested and don’t want to hear a company talk about itself, it can get boring and redundant. Not to mention that producing one’s own content is very expensive and they may not have enough owned content on hand. A wonderful example of curated content would be from Nike Middle East commercial “What Will They Say About You?”. In this video they were able to promote their brand while focusing on women and equality.

60: Content You Curated

More than 50% of social marketing focuses on what’s curated, but why look at other peoples content? It allows the company to engage with the consumer, creating a shared experience showing the faces and opinions behind the brand. By connecting the brand with similar tags, the consumer can identify with the brand and become loyal to it. It’s important to use links that are relevant to the brand and community as well as current topics. An unlikely example of this is the Random House Pinterest page. They not only showcases boards on what books to read at the next book club but examples on how to set up your own, literary quotes, book art etc. They not only promote their own authors but they have boards for any type of book lover.


10: Promotional Content

This is the company’s call to action. It’s the added incentive for being a loyal to the brand. People don’t want to be bombarded with promotions because while a deal is great it shouldn’t be what the customer is looking for. An example of this would be Spotify, who has done a great job at promoting without overselling their brand.


Group 8 (Elizabeth Brozovich, Sydney Lucas, Jessica D’Amelia, Imani Campuzano-Guevara)


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