Real-Time Advertising (RTA)

Post By: Lauren Dinnebeil

This week in class, Group 3 taught us about advertising in todays world, and how its changing and evolving. A relatively new concept is real-time advertising, or RTA. RTA has the ability to reach the intended target audience with a message that is relevant to them right now. Real-time advertisements don’t necessarily make consumers want to go out and buy the product being advertised right now, but the goal is that the ad resonates with them and creates a consideration of a brand for a later purchase (Hof, 2013).

Real-time advertising is an innovative way to get your brand recognized. In my opinion, I think that RTA is a great strategy for brands to take on. Traditional advertisements oftentimes are boring and are sometimes too in your face saying “buy our product now.” RTA is a different take on advertising, and definitely gets people interested and catches ones attention.

A big day that brands take advantage of RTA is during the Super Bowl. The first form of RTA that I recall seeing, and still think is great till this day, is Oreo’s tweets during the 2013 blackout that happened during the Super Bowl. Oreo took advantage of the blackout and took it upon themselves to create a fun way to showcase their brand. Oreo created this ad within minutes and tweeted it out instantly. The photo read, “You Can Still Dunk In The Dark,” and it generated thousands of likes and retweets. While this form of advertising probably didn’t cause everyone to go out and buy Oreo’s the next morning, it did exactly what event-based advertising is supposed to do: it got lots of people  talking about the brand, and in glowing terms (Hof, 2013). This advertising was free for Oreo, and created a bigger buzz than the Super Bowl spots that brands spend millions on and prepared for months. Oreo spent all of about one minute on this, and it costed them nothing. This goes to show that brands don’t need to spend millions to get their brand noticed, they just need to be innovative and fun.

The photo that Oreo tweeted is below:

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 4.42.23 PM.png

While Twitter is a great medium for brands to take advantage of RTA, it’s also possible to run real-time advertisements on television. This year during the Super Bowl Hyundai took advantage of this and created an ad that was sure to get people talking. Hyundai ran a 90-second advertisement that was filmed during the Super Bowl and was aired immediately after in the post-gun slot (the first break after the game before the trophy is handed out to the winning team) (Walsh, 2017). The advertisement showed United States soldiers enjoying the Super Bowl in a large room, followed by taking a select few into separate rooms and playing the Super Bowl live on one side of the screen, and showing their family via video chat on the other half of the screen. The point of this ad was to show that watching the Super Bowl with those you love is better than watching it alone. This created emotion among viewers as the soldiers were so happy to see their family, and to have the opportunity to watch the game with them (virtually). Hyundai did an amazing job with this spot, it was definitely money well spent on their part. If brands are going to dish out the millions of dollars needed to get a spot during the Super Bowl, it better be interesting and innovative. Overall, I believe that Hyundai did an amazing job.

Watch the Hyundai Super Bowl advertisement here


WATCH: Hyundai Live Super Bowl Commercial Ad 2017 [FULL VIDEO]

-Group 2 (Lauren Dinnebeil, Justin Mullins, Ashton Bottini, and Elektra Nelson)



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