Media and Millennials

Understanding your target audience is important when building a marketing plan. This ensures your message is delivered in front of the right person, at the right time in the most effective way. Determining your audience also helps choosing the the tone of your writing and which platforms are best to reach them.

This week, as a group, we dug deeper in understanding Trending Fox’s target audience. The discussion started with VALS segments. We decided the target audience for Trending Fox has the experiencer mindset. They care about fashion, trends, socializing, and entertainment. This is also where they spend the majority of their money. Since Trending Fox is a unique service we had to pull and combine from a series of topics. We searched spending habits, brand choices, high end to low end shopping habits, and media consumption. The data we pulled was informative and supported a lot of the notions we knew about this target audience. Being a part of this target audience, it was easy for us to create insights, understand motivations behind their actions and visualize where out product fits in their lives.

Continuing this search to understand our target, I found this article that spoke about the changes in media consumption among millennial.  There is shift to relying on devices with internet access. As the data shows in the article, more and more millennials are choosing to stream short and long content on their devices. They are the largest group to make mobile payments and receive news sources on their devices. I thought it was interesting the way this infographic showed the overall shift of millennials using their phones as a primary tool for all things and not just social media. This information connects to our target audience since they are millennials and helps us understand them a little bit better.

Mary Romero

Group 5


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