Finding Jobs Through Social Networking

Post By: Justin Mullins (Group 2)

“To find a job via social networks, you have to stop thinking like an advertiser of a product & start thinking like a publisher of information” (Scott, 2015).

Social networking plays a critical role in the search for jobs today. You are essentially your own brand & everything you post reflects who you are as an individual. In the past, one would be advised to prepare their physical resume and send to employers to the respected field they were seeking to work in, however, that wasn’t the difficult part. The difficult part was having to reach out to employers, with little to no ability for the employers to reach out to you.

With the existence of many social media platforms, employers now have the ability to reach out to you. Sites like LinkedIn are revolutionizing the way we search for jobs. While the act of sending out your resume still exist, we are now able to post our resumes online for the public to see. You now have the ability to “Create a presence that people are eager to consume” (Scott, 2015).

The online profiles we create of ourselves offer employers more information on us than the traditional resume will ever do, we have the ability to be more creative. Resumes are generally short and right to the point but with the existence of social media we can expand on the amount of information we present on ourselves. We can offer more information that people actually want to see.

The article below mentions the pros & cons of having an online presence on platforms such as LinkedIn:


Full Article:

Team 2 (Justin Mullins, Lauren Dinnebeil, Ashton Bottini, Elektra Nelson)




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