“It’s not what you do, but why you do it.”

Post by Andrew Palmiere

Author, motivational speaker and marketing consultant Simon Sinek has found a relatively simple formula that he believes great leaders, along with their company’s can use to inspire action. His formula is called “The Golden Circle” and it focuses on three major questions, what, how, and why? Examples of “The Golden Circle”in use include the Wright brothers, Apple, and Martin Luther King. The most straight forward and easiest example to understand involves the use of the model with Apple computers.

The idea of the model is not to tell consumers what it is that you do, but the more important question, why you do it. Sinek believes that Apple does a good job putting the model to action since they do not run ads that simply tell consumers how fast there processors are, and how Apple computers are better than there competitor’s, Microsoft. Instead Apple spends time selling their belief and way of thinking. They say “We Think Differently” and because of this we just happen to provide beautifully designsteve-jobs-think-differented computers. Then they ask you if you would like to buy one. Apples most famous commercial does not even show an Apple product. Instead it shows influential people including Ghandi, Pablo Picasso, The Wright Brothers etc. All people who thought differently and throughout history we able to change things. In many ways it was a tribute to the dreamers who were not afraid to go against what was popular at the time. This was so succesful and follows “The Golden Circle” because it perfectly illustrates why Apple does what it does. When consumers see this it inspires them to buy into the Apple tribe and be associated with all the great people featured in the commercial.

My team and I hope to create a similar feeling when working with Trending Fox. We are going to focus on what inspires the people behind Trending Fox and why they chose to make and alter clothing. It would be easy and less effective if we just highlighted the key features they provide with their clothing work. We want to make consumers feel the urge to join the Trending Fox tribe.Also, adding a muse to the company to project a desired brand image will be important. With NYFW just coming to a close there is a lot of inspiration in the air and designers made their beliefs clear through there new collections.




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