Finding the Target Market: Blue Apron

learn-info-pod-delivery-2238c02f243c938844c22eeb9187dfdf98810d963928f718dffd86b9eb05222aPost By Elizabeth Brozovich

When thinking about Blue Apron’s target market and target demographic, three main focuses surround our thought process. As we are deciding who will be featured in our customer profiles,  we decided to stick to these three benefits and features of Blue Apron, in order to find the consumers who most need these benefits.

  1. Blue Apron recipes are easy because all of the ingredients are there for you; everything you need is readily available, in one place. You will save time and energy while still making high quality meals. This benefit of efficiency and ease of making high quality meals appeals to a busy parent. As they try to balance their children, their job, and all the responsibilities that fall in between, they may find they don’t have the time or energy to search through grocery store aisles, plan meals, and make sure all ingredients are accounted for. Blue Apron allows this busy parent to still have the ability to make their children and their family the meals they deserve and the meals they wish they had time for. With Blue Apron, these parents can still make high quality meals. This benefit will help us in the full development of our target demographic as we will keep in mind the people who would most benefit from the efficiency of Blue Apron recipes and boxes.
  2. The ingredients in Blue Apron boxes go from the farm to your kitchen table. With Blue Apron, the middle man (grocery stores and other facilities) are taken out of the equation. This benefit will also help us in the development of our character profiles. We are able to focus on this benefit of Blue Apron and find consumers who are looking for fresh food straight from the farm to their table.
  3. Blue Apron offers a large variety of new and diverse recipes. This is the third feature and benefit of Blue Apron that we hope to use in the development of our character profiles. For example, perhaps a parent of teenagers has a hard time getting their children to stay home for dinner. They may feel they are making the same meals over and over. Blue Apron allows them to make meals they would have never made had it not been for the convenient boxes including all necessary ingredients for a new and exciting meal.


In addition to these three main benefits and features of Blue Apron that we hope to use in the development of our character profiles, we also intend on using data. Although there is not accessible data directly for people who purchase ready-to-make fresh meals, such as Blue Apron, we have found two sources of data that we feel can be helpful to us: people buying frozen meals and people making meals from scratch. When looking at these statistics and thinking about how we can use this data, as it seems relevant to our brand, Blue Apron, we came to the thought that perhaps the people buying frozen meals can be compared to the people cooking from scratch, as Blue Apron can help the frozen meal people become the chefs they have always wanted to be. We hope to use these two groups of statistics in forming our customer profiles and deciding on our final target demographic, while exploring this idea further.

Group 8: Elizabeth Brozovich, Sydney Lucas, Jessica D’Amelia, Imani Campuzano-Guevara.




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