The Web is a City

The term social media encompasses a vast array of different categories. Social networking sites, blogs, review sites and chat rooms are some of just a few social media outlets that are considered different forms of social media. Being able to effectively use and fully understand these different types of social media may be key to building a brand’s relationship with their consumer. While its easy for all the different social media platforms to become overwhelming, being able to grasp a better understanding will allow a brand to use them to their full potential. Learning to use social media to communicate the brand in a cohesive way over multiple social media platforms can only allow for a stronger overall brand presence and an increase in consumer interaction which may lead to better consumer relationships and loyalty to the brand.

With numerous different forms of social media as options, its easier to understand how they all work together if you picture “the web as a city”. This means there are different sites that may be the “storefronts on main street” which are the most popular locations. However there are other sites that may be less mainstream but still beneficial to the brand, such as chat rooms or blogs which are seen as the “pubs and saloons”. Both popular store fronts as well as lesser known pubs or saloons are important to the dynamic of a city community, and likewise are the different social media platforms to the development of a brand. While the various different platforms may be overwhelming at first, being able to bring them all together in one unified way will allow for a stronger campaign all together.

This idea of integrating multiple types of communication through multiple types of social media is key to effectively connecting with the consumer in this day in age and more and more brands are beginning to launch campaigns that demonstrate this. Coca Cola in particular has recently launched a few campaigns that do an effective job of calling attention to the consumer and inviting them to interact with the brand through various types of social media.

In September of 2015 Coca Cola launched the first ever “drinkable advertising” to promote Coke Zero. The campaign consisted of billboards that served Coke Zero as well as the ability to sync the music app, Shazam, with a coke commercial or advertisement (either at an event or on the TV). Once the consumer interacted with any of these ads they were rewarded coupon that could be redeemed for one free Coke Zero. The consumer as well as Coca Cola would then tweet about this experience allowing for more and more free Cokes to be given out.

Coke successfully views the web as a city as they utilized various different types of social media to execute this campaign. Twitter, being very popular today, is like the “main street store front”; its something everyone will see and use whether to promote the product or give feedback Twitter is an effective and efficient way for a consumer to communicate and build a relationship with the brand. The collaboration of the Shazam app is the smaller, lesser known areas of the city but still just as helpful in getting the message across to the consumer and allowing for an increase in interaction with the brand as well as the product.

Post by: Molly Gross

(Group: Valentina Ballas, Molly Gross & Courtney Martere)


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