That Small Town, Family Bagel Shop

Post by Katherine Raborg

If you’re from the New York, New Jersey area then I’m sure you take part in the time-old tradition of picking up a dozen bagels every Sunday morning for breakfast from your favorite bagel shop. The debate on which state has the best bagels is still up in the air (no one will ever agree) but we all have our favorite places.


For me, that place is Gem’s House of Bagels. When I was 7 years old I met a girl who is still one of my oldest friends to this day. We were fast friends and it wasn’t long before we were making those bagels runs together with our moms and her father just happened to own Gem’s. Since then it’s the only place I go and trust for the perfect pork roll, egg and cheese on an egg bagel. I’ve watched the business expand as I got older; Gem’s opened up three new locations in my lifetime. Even with so many locations in one county, Gem’s is still able to keep that small business, family-owned feel that I love. This is something the owners pride themselves on and hope to keep even as they grow.

Gem’s attracts people of all ages. Whether your a commuter, high school or college student, or just a local, you know and love Gem’s. Their social media accounts are still up and coming, underdeveloped, and hoping to attract more customers especially younger ones who can’t stop looking at their phones. Even with stiff competition throughout the county Gem’s still has one of the most loyal customer bases around that can be pivotal for helping the business grow outside of the county. Gem’s has an incredible foundation to build upon and a business should never stop improving on itself.

Gem’s can be found on Facebook, Instagram and at their website

(Group 7: Katherine Raborg, Molly Weeks, Greg Shikowitz)


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