The Power of Pregnancy

Post By: Jared Boba

What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting The Arrival of The New Messiahs.

People love to be happy for a woman who is expecting, especially when it is Beyoncé! On February 1st Beyoncé shocked the world when she posted a beautiful picture on Instagram announcing she is pregnant… with TWINS. 0201-beyonce-inset-810x960

When Beyoncé decided to release the picture seen on the right, it changed the world. In less than a day, it became the most liked picture in the history of Instagram, surpassing Selena Gomez. The picture currently has over 10.6 million likes and over 524k comments. This is David Meerman Scott’s New Rules of Marketing & PR at work. Your content is a reflection of what you believe and what you stand for. It is no coincidence that Beyoncé and her team decided to release this news on February 1st, the first day of Black History Month. Choosing Instagram as the platform to release this information gave Beyoncé the flexibility to share this exciting news personally and intimately rather than selling a story to a major media outlet. Beyoncé has over 95 million followers on Instagram, that alone is a crazy number of people that actively want to see her posts. Beyoncé’s one picture created a media frenzy. The photo generated over 500,000 tweets within 45 minutes of the announcement.The effect of word of mouth made this pregnancy the most talked about topic across the world. The number of people who don’t even have Instagram, but knew/cared about this news (including my Grandma) is astounding.

It was also very strategic to release this news two weeks before the Grammys. Instead of talking about her album or promoting her upcoming performance, she was able to create a buzz about something else that made people care about her album. Lemonade sales increased dramatically. She let the people do all of the work for her. You do not need to promote your album or athletic wear when The NY Times and every other news site is posting articles to remind people.. “Hey Beyonce is pregnant! With twins! And she’s going to perform at the Grammys! Where she is nominated for 9 awards!” She definitely knows how to turn lemons into lemonade.


It is difficult for celebrities to keep things private. Beyoncé has mastered the art of being in control of what people know about her personal life despite being one of the most watched celebrities in the world. This reminded me of Scott’s rule about moving away from interruptive advertising. You don’t always need to be selling or promoting something otherwise people may feel bombarded and unimportant. Beyoncé was able to deliver this message how she wanted it and when she wanted to. If she woke up that morning and decided she wanted to wait another week, she could.  Granted, Beyoncé has enough influence that she can get away with posting a picture and not saying anything about it and watching the world blow up. If you are interested about the symbolic meaning behind her pregnancy photo shoot click here!

(Group 1: Jared Boba, Amber Urena, Ashley Liso, & Katie Braver)




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