Content Marketing Done Right

Post By: Ashton Bottini

“The three most important words in differentiating your brand: focus, focus, and focus.” -Marty Neumeier

Today’s top brands on social media aren’t playing it safe. They are not producing campaigns and saying, “well that’s how we’ve always done it.” They know their brands have so much more to offer than a cool product, sleek website or a unique logo. The brands that are killing the world of social media and their competition are doing it because they are those who understand that strategic branding goes much deeper than nice visuals and responsive code. It is about understanding that branding is a layered process, focusing in on what their customer needs from them vs. what they need from their customer.

It’s all about content marketing. Understanding a balance between the brand and the customer.

According to Forbes, a great content marketer always experiments, is always looking for the latest trends, and striving to stay on the cutting edge. So, what brands have produced successful content marketing campaigns? Here are a few of my favorites:

Whole Foods:

Whole Foods has done an incredible job establishing itself not just as a grocery store, but also as a lifestyle choice. The brand overall embraces healthy living and earth-conscious eating. Craving some unhealthy food packed with preservatives? – Don’t go to Whole Foods. Are you hungry for better? – Whole Foods is the place for you!

So how was their content marketing so successful?

They didn’t only make their campaigns about their brand, their mission and why we should to buy from them. Instead, they taught us how to save money while also being able to eat healthy. We all know how expensive it can be to get fresh fruits and vegetables at the store sometimes so why pay the extra money for it? Whole Foods taught us how to change our diets for the better while saving money, which seemed more inclusive. Finally, we can buy those healthy veggies without burning our paychecks.


By creating this kind of inclusive content, Whole Foods is attracting new customers and creating lasting connections with its audience at the same time. They are finding that balance between the brand and the customer.


We all know the “Share-a-Coke” campaign, where the company managed to make each person who picked up a can of Coca-Cola feel special and unique.

To make Coke stand out from the crowd all they simply did was print individual names on cans and bottles. Suddenly, everyone was identifying the product. Who doesn’t love to buy something with their name on it? I mean everyone’s favorite subject is themselves. Cokes marketing was a built in foundational where customers were able to customize bottles with all kinds of names and titles to make their product one of a kind.

Coke revolutionized emotional connections by asking people to “share” its product.


By creating this unique, sharable experience, coke inspired its audience to do the marketing for the company. Coke was able to find that balance between the brand and the customer. They also made the customer feel as if the product was made specifically for them.


We all know that GoPro has the coolest social media pages ever. Who doesn’t love scrolling through and seeing the most awesome pictures? And why is GoPro so good at content marketing? They focus on the user.

What do their customers love? Pictures. Really awesome pictures. So, that’s what they provide to their audience. Visual content is clearly powerful in content marketing.


GoPro makes content that is subscribers want to see. They realize that they have gained their subscribers by showing high quality, action packed videos, which showcase the capabilities of GoPro’s products. They didn’t make their social media / YouTube page about the brand. Rather, they balanced it between themselves and the customer. Genius.

In content marketing you need to earn your audience… don’t buy it.

Content marketing is very valuable. Check out “A Modern Guide to Social Media Content Marketing” via ADWEEK. It is a 5 part series but only the parts 1-2 are published so far. It’s is a great reference for our chosen brands campaign projects:

Part 1   – Introduction

Part 2   – Twitter


(Media Strategy COM314 Group 2: Ashton Bottini, Elektra Nelson, Justin Mullins, and Lauren Dinnebeil)

Steimle, J. (2016, January 28). What Is Content Marketing? Retrieved February 10, 2017, from


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