Trending Fox Fashion

Post by David Zambuto

When it comes to fashion many of us consider the aspects of price, quality and design as important factors for our purchasing habits. Unfortunately many of the items we purchase end up either being out of our price range or used for a one time event. But what if there was a company that promoted the concept of sustainable fashion and that it was student run?



One company that has already won attention for College Students is a company called Trending Fox, which is a student founded and student run company at Marist College. Originally founded on November 2016, Trending Fox mission aims “to add more personality, creativity and liveliness to the Marist campus.” The founders of the company, Cameron Smith and Cassandra Pinto emphasized that “in the sea of red we want to spark the yellows of the crowd” and incorporated the business values that “prices shouldn’t limit your style…so we won’t let it.”


Since the creation of the company, Cameron and Cassandra have received numerous requests that are falling in love with the designs from celebrity influence. Cameron and Cassandra’s fashion business story was featured on the Marist Circle in association with the Marist Media Hub.


Already Trending Fox has gained a huge momentum of followers on Instagram. With 12 posts, they already have 154 followers, eager fans who are eager to get their hands on the stylish and modern fashion designs. If students are interested in having Trendy Fox fashion ware, products can be obtained from $8-20, prices which are catered to the budget of an average college student, showing that you can look great without paying full price.

file-3 As our client, our group aims to promote Trending Fox and the innovative and exciting creative fashion products that come from current Marist College Students. Trending Fox produces shirts, pants, collars and many more products that are perfect for the needs of college students, especially students at Marist College.

If you’re interested in more work Trending Fox has already produced, you can follow them on Instagram @trending_fox.

(Media Strategy COM 314 Group with David Zambuto, Brian Alter, Andrew Palmiere and Mary Romero.)

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