Update on Unlimited Budget for Poughkeepsie Grind

As finals week approaches, the Poughkeepsie grind team is working tirelessly to execute the most strategic marketing plan possible for Poughkeepsie Grind. With all of our resources and unlimited budget, I am sure we will be able to come up with an excellent, resourceful and successful marketing strategy and campaign for Poughkeepsie Grind. The Poughkeepsie Grind is a local, coffee shop located in the center of Poughkeepsie where, as of right now, is only home to local caffeine addicts. The Poughkeepsie grind has been known to want to stay a hidden gem and not attractive Marist Students. They want to keep locals coming in as opposed to students. They want a particular target audience, but it seems that with that type of target audience, it becomes even more limiting to keeping the brand in place. The Poughkeepsie Grind prides itself on its authentic coffee and unreal waffles that melt in your mouth. As we are preparing to present, we have just finalized our areas of location that we wish to focus on. We want to expand to 10 cities that are very similar in style and size to Poughkeepsie with roughly opening 3 shops in each city. We find that this would be a great advantage for expansion and promote the Poughkeepsie Grind name. In addition, we will be setting up Instagram accounts for the Poughkeepsie Grind an will be monitored and updated based off of location. In addition, we will be adding promotions such as Waffle Month. Every month there will be a particular day chosen in dedication to the different waffle creations that the Poughkeepsie Grind offers. This is our goal to really generate traction and increase the customer base. In addition, we are discussing whether we want to keep the name as the Poughkeepsie Grind throughout the other cities or whether we want to call it “Poughkeepsie Grind-Worcester, or Poughkeepsie Grind-Providence,” etc. We are debating whether we want to keep the name the same or allow for the branch to feel more at home in the selected city by putting the extra name of the city in the branch title. With the unlimited budget, I feel all of this can be accomplished, as we as updating the Instagram. I also feel that an app would be extremely beneficial for selective people that are in a rush. Our coffee shop is really focusing on people that are enjoying their breakfast but sometimes people do not want to wait and want their coffee on the go. I think as we approach finals and continue to add to the unlimited budget, we will be able to create a very smart and strategic campaign for the Poughkeepsie Grind.

-Audra Kemp


Radio Advertisements

In class this past week we discussed the importance of radio advertisements.  Personally, when I think about advertising for a company or a product, many times advertising though radio does not come to mind.  I find myself changing the station when commercials and advertisements come on.  However, we learned in class that radio can be a very effective platform to advertise on.  Many people consider radio advertisements to be “fair” considering they expect commercials to come on.  When people pay for a different music platform such as Spotify or Pandora, commercials are not wanted or expected.  When it comes to radio more people are willing to listen to the advertisements because they know these commercials and advertisements will come on eventually.

Sometimes advertising on the radio can be challenging.  When advertising on the radio it can be difficult to catch the listener’s attention.  Radio advertisements are listening only and most of the time people tend to pay more attention when there is a visual that comes along with the ad.  The radio also requires more advertisement spots than television does.

However, if a radio advertisement is done right, it can be very effective and gain the attention of many.  The advertisement can be effective depending on the time of day the advertisement is on and what the advertisement is for.  If the advertisement is for local stores and restaurants and can reach the customer you are looking for, the ad can work great.

An article from Adweek called “Brands Need to Join the 21st Century and Tap into Radio Advertising” discusses the success and importance of radio advertising.  This article states that many consider radio advertising is outdated and irrelevant however, it is still useful and can be effective.  Many people believe radio advertising is dying, yet numbers and sales show otherwise.  Recently, technology has been able to help advertisers reach the right audiences and can keep track of the success of how their radio campaigns are doing.  We can now be sure to reach the right audience, be aware when the ad runs, and track the success of the ad.  Instead of using an expensive platform, and a platform that has a narrower reach, brands should begin using radio advertisements, considering it has a broader reach than TV and smartphone and reaches 228.5 million adults.

Another article from Adweek shows a study about the rise of radio advertisements as well.  The article was about a study that every every $1 spent on radio advertising returns $12 in purchase activity.    We see that both AM/FM radio advertisements deliver a very big investment for brand marketers.  The sales driven by advertisements were measured by connecting the amount a product was purchased after media exposure.  The findings show that the sales were increase after being exposed to radio advertisements.

An example of an effective radio advertisement is the Lipton Green Tea advertisement and the Coke a Cola summer advertisement.  Both of these advertisements are effective because they easily catch the listener’s attention.  These advertisements did not have a complex message that was difficult for a listener to understand.  When it comes to radio advertisements, many times the listener is multi-tasking when listening to the radio.  This makes a complex message difficult to stay focused on and comprehend.  The Lipton Green Tea and the Coke a Cola summer advertisement were simple and made into a song.  The catchy song holds the listener’s attention because it is played on the radio, along with other songs being played.


Group 6 Project Update

Lauren Johnes

Group 6’s client is the local Hudson Valley radio station K104.7 WSPK. It’s been around since 1947 and specializes in “Today’s Hits”. It continues to be one of the only stations with a live on air personality 24/7, and holds four “large” radio hosted events yearly (Pooch-a-palooza, K-Fest, Not So Silent Night, Cupcakefest). They get the best in the music industry to make appearances at these events, and hold endless giveaways throughout the duration of them.


When discussing what we want to achieve through our ads, we first had to look at our SWOT analysis:


  • Established station in Hudson Valley location for over 60 years
  • Well rated by Nielsen
  • Family friendly
  • Involved with the local community
  • Promotional team has 9 employees


  • Missing range of millennial listeners
  • Lack of social media presence
  • not non-existent
  • Live listening radio application lags
  • 30 other radio stations available in the Hudson Valley


  • Create better social media content
  • Expand on their already established platforms
  • Interact with fan base and clients,
  • Find ways to keep loyalty to station for listeners
  • Purchase better promotional give-away items


  • Other stations with better/wider social media presence
  • Other stations with better/wider promotional events
  • Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music
  • Any live streaming music application

We took this analysis into consideration so we can play up the strengths of the radio station, and possibly rid of of lessen the weaknesses.

We then looked at our objectives, so we can set more specific goals to apply to our advertisements:

  • Expand the number of listeners in our target market that they client already has
  • Continue to keep listener loyalty throughout their lifetime
  • Engage and involve listeners by creating new/more creative content
  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Generate more downloads of live listening application download by generating awareness

Then, we had to look at our target audience, so we could figure how to capture their attention and make sure we are reaching a fan base that would want to stay loyal to a company like ours. We know that our target audience is both males and females with an age range of 25 – 44 (Generation X), located in the Hudson Valley with a household income mainly ranging from 100k-200k. This means that they are mostly employed and most likely have their own family, including young children. They commute to work, have to take their children to school, and enjoy family activities in their free time. When they are on the go like this, they need a local family friendly radio station to listen to in their car! We want K104 to be that station.

Based on their psychographics, we also know that our target audience is health conscious, creative (interested in the arts), interested in beauty and wellness, like to travel, and love to party and have fun. This helps us to determine how to plan our four huge yearly events. We would incorporate this information when planning the events, and releasing information on what is going to happen at the events.

We also know that their main personality types are solitary and reserved, and efficient and organized. They like their alone time, and like to be productive during their alone time. Perhaps while they’re doing this, they would like to listen to some music! We want them to listen to K104 while they’re being productive. If their kids are around at the time, K104 plays the perfect music that both their kids and they can enjoy.

When trying to plan out our advertising strategies, we have different methods for how we want to carry out our message through each advertising medium. When is comes to social/digital media, we thought pay per click ads would be effective. We would advertise our radio station on other music streaming apps like Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Shazam , Youtube, and Google Music, so they would see that our station is a viable alternative. We would also implement Snapchat Filters to advertise our big events. The filters would go up on Snapchat 3 days prior to events, so we can raise awareness and get people to start talking about them. This would be an effective way to spread the word about both our events, and our radio station.We would also utilize Instagram posts to increase social media activity, using the 30/60/10 rule.

  • 30% posts of photos from events
  • 60% entertainment news
  • 10% reaching out to audience to call the station or come to events

Our print strategies consist of ads in Hudson Valley Magazine every month, and posters at local hotspots like the Poughkeepsie Galleria, Grocery Stores, Drugstores, Gyms, and Bars. We would also use these print strategies to promote events.

Promotional event strategies include:

  • Move events to Mid-Hudson Civic Center
  • Summer, Fall, and Spring Concerts
  • Team up with Uber
  • For events serving alcohol
  • Summer Block Parties
  • With station DJ’s
  • Giveaways
  • Headphones
  • Sunglasses
  • Car Chargers
  • Coozies
  • Shot glasses
  • Water bottles
  • Towels
  • Flip Flops
  • Magnets

The latest work in group 6 has been to rework our “only we can statement”, after receiving feedback in class on our previous one. Our original only we can statement was “Only we can continue to provide family friendly music and entertainment for your long commutes and family trips”. Our goal now is to communicate that you should choose K104 over other options in the Hudson Valley for a couple of reasons. The first one is that you will hear about all of the latest local news in the Hudson Valley, since it is a local station. You will be up to date with what is going on in town because of our advertisements. We are focusing more on loyalty than awareness because of this. Since one of our major competitors is using the aux chord in the car, having a loyal listening base will help to keep up K104’s success. The second message we want to communicate is that you don’t have to skip songs in the car, like you do when you use an aux chord. All of your favorite songs will be played by the DJ at the radio station whenever you’re in the car, so you can keep your eyes on the road.

We have also been working on our messaging strategy. What we want people to experience after viewing our ads is that K104 is a family friendly radio station that embraces the local community pride and will keep you entertained the entire time. We are currently thinking of ways we can accurately and effectively communicate this.


Tobacco Free Florida Campaign

Marco Amleto

-Group 5

Tobacco Free Florida Ad Campaign


Traditionally when we see ads talking about cigarettes, they are filled with scare-tactics and the dangers that come with smoking cigarettes. Tobacco Free Florida is taking a different approach however. They are giving people stories, names, and faces that elicit an empathic response from the viewer. Instead of using the same scare-tactics that many anti-tobacco commercials use so very often, Tobacco Free Florida is instead giving the audience a story that many people can relate to. These stories are meant to create common ground with the audience in order to dissuade them from continuing to smoke.

Ad Agency Alma created this unique campaign to target rural communities in Florida. This is due to the fact that smoking rates in rural Florida are 33 percent higher than the rest of the state. The agency conducted ethnographic research in order to determine what tactics to stop them from smoking would resonate most with their audience. What the agency discovered was that a lot of the scare-tactics used are bringing up short-term fears that many smokers have, however, they are missing the long-term reasons. These long-term reasons are what actually get smokers to consider the gravity of what they are doing to themselves and their loved ones every time that they pick up a cigarette. A lot of smokers wanted to quit for their children or their families.  

This campaign included a number of two and a half minute vignettes that mainly feature parents with young children in a rural setting. The videos all present the theme of not wanting to let down their loved ones, wanting extra money in order to better take care of their family’s necessities, and just overall being able to better provide for their loved ones by stopping smoking. Some of the videos also feature spanish speaking individuals and their families. I assumed that this was done to target the large spanish speaking  population in Florida’s rural areas.

A lot of times with advertisements that are telling you not to do something, that’s the only message that gets across to the consumer. We all know that for the most part, when someone tells you not to do something, many of us just want to do whatever it is that much more. This is why many smoking ads in the past have fallen short. The ads would constantly tell cigarette users not to smoke because it was bad for them, however, there would be a lacking emotional response. With an issue as serious and hard to quit as cigarettes, it is crucial that their be an empathic response to the advertising produced. That was Alma’s goal with this new campaign, which is much more powerful and moving than ads about quitting cigarettes in the past. In my opinion, this is mainly because the advertising does two things very well. For one, Alma does a very good job of defining their target market in each of their ads. They do not stray from their specific target demographic. Secondly, Alma does not immediately hit their audience with a “don’t smoke, its bad for you!” message. Instead they build a story around the person or persons being featured in the video. Then once the audience feels like they know the individual in the advertisement, do they talk about why this person is desperately trying to quit smoking in order to make a better life for their family, and the people around them. At the end of each ad the audience sees a quick message saying, “there are many reasons to quit, what’s yours?” This resonates with the audience, and makes a personal connection with the target audience.  

It is not the message that is so unique and groundbreaking with Alma’s campaign for Tobacco Free Florida, it is their exceptional delivery of an age-old message to get people to stop smoking cigarettes.    


   Capture cigs



Old Spice Campaign

by Nicola Barrett


In 2010, Old Spice launched an advertising campaign for their men’s body wash and deodorant. Featuring former NFL wide receiver Isaiah Mustafa, the campaign quickly became a viral video sensation. Even though the commercial did not air during Super Bowl XLIV, it was still one of the most talked about commercials of the season. The campaign would later receive the Cannes Lions Film Grand Prix.

The follow up to this campaign added a social media element that invited consumers to submit questions via Twitter and Facebook to be answered by the Old Spice Guy in a personalized video. Over 2,000 people sent in questions and almost 200 unique video responses were created and posted to YouTube. These interactions sparked another viral hit.

On YouTube, the response videos were viewed more than 46 millions times. The entire campaign has almost 105 million views.

The campaign was successful in many ways. Old Spice earned 1.2 billion media impressions, a 2700% increase in Twitter followers, an 800% increase in Facebook fan interaction, and a 300% increase to their website. According to a July study by The Nielsen Co., sales rose 107% in June. By the end of 2010, Old Spice was the number one brand of body wash and deodorant.


What was interesting about this male deodorant commercial is the intended audience. The target market of the Old Spice product itself is men aged 13 to 34. However, the campaign targeted women instead. Research revealed that most body cleansing product purchases were made by women. Old Spice decided to reach out to women by having the Old Spice Man say “I am the man your man could smell like,” in order to prompt them to purchase the product.


Marketers can learn several lessons from this campaign.

The first lesson to be learned is to keep videos short and snappy. The Old Spice videos were as short as 17 seconds, but no longer than a minute. The general rule for online videos, before this campaign changed the rules, was to keep videos shorter than two minutes. Old Spice redefined the concept of short and sweet.

A second lesson is to make the advertisements in a format that is easy to share. Old Spice made their content into a YouTube video, which enabled it to be shared and distributed through the crowds. Additionally, that content needs to be searchable. One shouldn’t have to wait for a commercial to re-air to rewatch it. Old Spice published their content on-line and off-line in order to make it searchable and watchable whenever they want.

Another lesson to be learned is to market on as many media channels to ensure the broadest possible distribution. This broad distribution is achieved by tapping into viewers’ media and platform preferences. Old Spice published the campaign on social media channels as well as promoting it using social media marketing to spread the brand message.

Social media marketers should also respond to their community in real time. Real time response can include responding to comments on Facebook and tweets on Twitter to keep the conversation rolling. The Old Spice Guy responded to tweets with 116 YouTube videos in 24 hours. Old Spice also did a good job of using other people’s social media networks. When Old Spice made a response video to a tweet from Ellen Degeneres, that video was broadcast to her millions of viewers and followers. Marketers should tap into large networks by giving them the attention they want, and they will spread it for free to their follower network. This lesson also applies to mass media outlets. If the social media marketing is good enough, mass media will pick it up and spread it out.

Another lesson is to keep the content coming. The Old Spice production team believed in quantity over quality; they produced hundreds of videos in a short amount of time. Marketers shouldn’t wait for the post to be perfect before publishing, because the content will never be perfect.

An insight that the Old Spice campaign writers had was that “no one expects to ask a question and then be responded to.” By responding personally to tweets with unique YouTube videos, Old Spice’s audience was surprised, impressed, and more likely to continue interacting with the brand. The lesson to be learned here is to drive engagement through personalization.

The last thing that the Old Spice campaign has taught us is to stick to what works. A few months after the initial campaign broke, Old Spice introduced a rival to the original Old Spice Guy called the New Old Spice Guy. This added a negative twist and rejuvenated the campaign. Old Spice pitted their two hot spokesmen against each other, creating buzz online and putting their name back in the social forefront.


I remember when this campaign first came out almost eight years ago. It has seen many reiterations, including the radio aspect shown in class. But the original video was quoted for months and even years after it aired. It really punctured the social narrative and made its way into popular culture.


Mike Arteaga’s Unlimited Budget (Group 8) Jack Filipkowski

When reading the final chapters in the book for class one of the most influential quotes that I read was “The two most powerful forms of marketing are word of mouth and what I call word of mouse.”  This is so influential in today’s age because anything can be shared so easily and is now just as influential as word of mouth. When working on our unlimited budget for Mike Arteaga’s this is something that we will have to focus on.  Mike Arteaga’s relies heavily on word of mouth and has almost no social media presence. Even searching on google it looks mediocre and not professional.

Even just looking at the pictures they look sub par and outdated.   Their biggest competitors in the area, Crunch, Planet Fitness, and Gold’s Gym, all have a social presence and are known locally and worldwide.  It is not expensive nor hard to make a social presence on the internet. Mike Arteaga’s need to listen to this quote that was found in the reading we had to do, “The message has not changed, but the medium has changed. We need to continually find new vehicles to get the message out”.  They need to realize that the medium has changed and they are very late too this as most companies have acknowledged that we are now in a digital age.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 12.40.52 PMIf you look at the other searches with the direct competitors of Mike Arteaga’s its drastic. The colors are engaging, they are of the gym itself and what they believe in.  Arteagas has no SEM skills and are not inviting, if I were to look them up I would turn the other way and not want to join. Arteagas needs to update their facility and their internet presence as everything is outdated and not catered to attract a new audience.  

In our limited budget we brought up that we need to fix their social media and their SEM as it would greatly influence their profits and awareness.   But for our unlimited budget it would make sense to take their company and move it as the one now is not built for a gym and is really ugly. If they move to a warehouse make it look nice and put in the effort they could see a lot more revenue.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 12.41.08 PMScreen Shot 2018-04-12 at 12.41.21 PMScreen Shot 2018-04-12 at 12.48.29 PM


Group 4 Update

Amanda Giudice

Group 4’s most recent progress in the media campaign for Lily Flanagan’s regards fine tuning the positioning statement after feedback in class. The goal for Lily Flanagan’s positioning and perception in the minds of consumers is to emphasize the community, friend-centric atmosphere that is unparalleled. The objective is to reiterate this message across multiple platforms to engage with consumers while relaying this message and creating this image of the pub. Group 5 seeks to create a welcoming atmosphere that invites friends to come weekend after weekend to catch up with friends in an environment to socialize and add even more friends to their circle.

The current positioning statement designed by Group 4 for Lily Flanagan’s is “only we can provide a spot where your friends become your family.” Feedback on this positioning statement encompassed adding further detail to make this positioning statement more specific to Lily Flanagan’s and the target audience that is being focused on with the media campaign being developed.

Our target audience is centered around young adults ages 21-34 that have a work hard, play hard mentality. Our target audience is social with a circle of friends that enjoy going to bars and catching up after busy weeks in a fun and friendly atmosphere that fosters an environment to meet more people. The objective is to promote Lily Flanagan’s for its welcoming atmosphere that enables friends to catch up, let loose, and make more friends in a pub that makes you feel comfortable and like home. This approachable atmosphere will cause repeat friend groups to come back to the pub often, which leads to friend groups seeing other familiar faces on a weekly basis. Based on our target research, our audience is young, social, and enthusiastic that seek a fun place to go to. The aim of Lily Flanagan’s is to provide a home for their social life, a “go-to” that friends will consider a fun place to go without fail every time.  

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 11.09.23 AM.png

With feedback and continued insight on the target audience, Group 4 is working actively on enhancing the positioning statement to further entice consumers in a way that tailors directly to the target group of customers. The new positioning statement has to elaborate on the target group and what exactly this group should expect when going to Lily Flanagan’s.

The ideas generated towards the new positioning statement designed by Group 4 for Lily Flanagan’s is to reach the social friend groups that look for pubs they will want to go back to over and over again. A potential new positioning statement for Lily Flanagan’s is “only we can provide a ‘go-to’ pub that feels like home for social friends with work hard play hard attitudes.” This is currently being worked on further, but to update the class on Group 4’s progress, the team is working to touch the main points in a way that will most effectively speak to the target customers, while staying true to Lily Flanagan’s core.


Heineken “Worlds Apart” Campaign

Amanda Romano – Group 5

Heineken beers.jpg

Recently in this class, our professor showed us a Heineken integrated advertising campaign called Worlds Apart. Personally, I really enjoyed watching this video and agree that it is effective. I find myself always intrigued by advertising companies that come up with unique ideas and make creative advertising. As an advertising major, I feel this information of what advertising work generates good buzz is important to know for the future. I think advertisements nowadays have to be different than the rest because we live in a world full of constant ads. Simply telling us to “buy your product” is not good enough. A company that does not directly try and sell their products, but rather spreads a meaningful message to the public is definitely a good approach. I know I remember advertisements that trigger an emotional connection with me. It is key to consider, however, especially when your ad is controversial, that you do not want risk being put in the bad spotlight. Also, with the quick advancement of social media, it can be an advantage to companies, yet also a downfall. Advertisements spread like wildfire online. I usually see an advertisement for the first time on social media, such as YouTube or Facebook. Then when I really like it, I share it with friends and family. With this Heineken ad, it definitely was a risk, considering sensitive topics are discussed. Heineken took a risk, but it paid off. I like to be inspired by great brands that show great work to the world. So, I decided to dive a little deeper into this Heineken commercial to see “behind the scenes” of the insight and strategy. What sparked this idea that spread worldwide?

open world

In a current article by Contagious, we see how this beer ad attracted a whopping 40 million views online! Let me start by summarizing what this video shows. In April of 2017, Heineken released this campaign Worlds Apart, which promotes openness and whether a common ground can bring people together. The social experiment, documented in a film, required strangers who had conflicting beliefs on topics such as feminism to work in pairs to complete a menial challenge. Once the participants had finished the challenges, the brand revealed their opposing opinions and gave them the choice to either walk away or stay and discuss their differences over a Heineken beer. Heineken definitely did their research before creating this campaign and doing your research prior to a campaign is key. Dr. Chris Brauer, director of innovation at Goldsmiths University, told Heineken “a common ground is critical to creating empathy and tolerance, which leads to being more open.” Heineken also partnered with The Human Library, a non-profit organization whose goal is to break down prejudice by helping people to look beyond labels and find mutual ground with one another. Their ‘books’ include conversations with real people and amazing stories. One hot topic discussed today is the topic of transgender people. Transgender people are talked about in The Human Library and also shown in the Heineken video. I always enjoy hearing people’s stories that spur inspiration. In today’s society, it is important that we respect people, despite our differences over politics, sexuality, etc. Our world would be a better place if everyone could accept people for who they are.


Cindy Tervoort, head of marketing at Heineken UK, discusses the challenges and opportunities for brands associated with taking a stand in an increasingly divided world. Contagious did a brief interview with her that gave us more details on Heineken as an overall brand and their Worlds Apart campaign. The first question asked was, “What’s Heinekens’ position and history?” Heineken is 150 years old, so they go way back. As a brand, Heineken represents openness, diversity, and crossing borders. I like how Heineken advertises bringing people together over a beer. A beer should be more than just a beer and Heineken shows that. It is more about the experience associated with the beer. Heineken is trying to shift to a more inclusive world and help people connect over a common ground. Cindy discusses the brand’s main challenges as well. She states that Heineken sees challenges more as opportunities, which I can appreciate. It is important to do a SWOT analysis like we did in class for companies, outlining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Heineken has grown by double digits in the last 5 years, so they are doing quite well. Successful advertising is significant to their rapid growth. Heineken is a classic brand that we all know and love. Yet, Cindy agrees Heineken is in a competitive market, competing with brands such as Guinness. Heineken is always looking to increase awareness and grow even more. We are surrounded by countless brands of beer, so it is important to get consumers to always choose Heineken over other beers. I know I do not drink a lot of beer, so if a company such as Heineken appeals to me over a simple video, I would support the brand. I really like what Heineken stands for.


Diving a little deeper into the interview, Cindy Tervoort specifically talks about how Heineken came up with the idea for Worlds Apart. As she mentioned, for years they present being open, looking out, and celebrating diversity. Heineken still sees a divided world, which inspired their insight. In my classes, I learned the huge power of an insight. An insight is the basis for which a great campaign is built. Their insight was that we’re probably not as open as we think we are. Heineken brings up a good point as well that social media increases this idea, being surrounded by people who think like us. I never thought about this, but it is true. When someone’s beliefs disagree with ours, we are surprised. However, we should not act like this. Heineken decided to step up and take their tagline Open Your World to a new level, hence the campaign was created. Cindy then shares her opinion on if brands need an opinion on dividing issues in society. She agrees that brands should inspire people, but it should be credible. Heineken aims to create understanding and bring people together. Other brands should follow in their steps and continue to inspire people everyday. Involving further information on the research with Chris Brauer, we see he lead a study that showed some of the characteristics creating common ground are tolerance, empathy, creating mutual goals and shared identities. Heineken realized if they create more of these, people will me more accepting.


There are different elements of this campaign. Cindy states the first phase was all about creating awareness around the issue. The second phase was about the collaboration with the Human Library. Heineken wanted to talk about the topic, but wanted to make sure they were in the right position to do it. Many brands are now taking a stand on diving issues. Cindy shares some advice, saying ads of brands need to be authentic, have a clear role for the product, and should focus on the different views of different people. Tervoort says Heineken wanted to make the whole experiment real and look for passionate people. I think the realness of their campaign was warming and entertaining to us. It made me smile when I watched it in class. Cindy then talks about the risk associated with the campaign. With so many brand messages, Cindy agrees a risk is necessary in building your brand. We should invite customers and talk about something important. Integrating an important issue with a company can give good symbolism to a brand. It is true that brands cannot be scared to do something different, for it can really work in their favor. Besides the powerful message, Heineken aimed to grow and make a favorite brand in the UK. I thought it was interesting how Heineken did not have a target audience for this campaign. It makes sense though, because anyone in the world can watch this video and relate. It does not matter your gender, age, or sexuality and Heineken, therefore, targeted their diverse consumers. Heineken is happy with the outcome of the campaign and they should be. As I mentioned earlier, 40 million views across various social media channels! Prior to this class, I had not seen this video, but I am glad I was exposed to it. Additionally, 91% of all the opinions are positive, which is very impressive. In the beginning of the campaign, Heineken did not push it and people just kept sharing it. This is still true today. The positive power of sharing and engaging content as a brand is necessary to realize. People have positively commented, sharing their individual emotions, showing how the campaign really struck in a good way. The message in the campaign was clear and people got it. This interview with Cindy Tervoort was really interesting and informative in gaining understanding of how a campaign and brand can be successful. I hope this blog adds additional insight to Heineken and the Worlds Apart video, influencing you to go drink a Heineken. Click on the link below to see the video and article!













Improving A Companies Website

-Justin Genga, Group 2

This past week of class has been very interesting. To start off and to refresh everyone’s mind, in class on Tuesday we took a look at each groups Limited Budget projects that we had presented for our midterm. It was very helpful to go back through all of the projects because students were able to receive feedback on what areas of their presentation they could have improve. We can now take this helpful information and apply it to our final project. In class we focused mostly on two specific areas of the projects which were the company’s message and the mission or “Only We” statement that we had to come up with. Creating these statements can be very time consuming and tiresome because you need to make sure that the statements reflect your overall business and really make you stand out over your competitors. Also, the “Only We” statement needs to align with your company’s message so that consumers really understand what your business is about.

I know for my group, this is an area that we struggled with. While composing our PowerPoint, our “Only We” statement slide was actually the last slide that we produced because we were having a hard time coming up with something creative enough to make us stand out over other burger restaurants that offered bourbon as well. When we got our feedback in class, we learned that we needed to make our “Only We” statement a little bit longer and that we had re-word our statement to make us stand out more from the rest. Our original statement was, “Only we can bring people together in a lively atmosphere through premium burgers, beer, and bourbon”. The feedback we received was that there are many restaurants that provide premium burgers, beers and bourbon, so we needed to figure out what really makes Plan B stand out over its competitors. I decided to do some more research to find out more information about a company’s message and “Only We” statement.

I found an interesting article on Forbes titled, “The Secret to Selling Your Company’s Message”, which was written by The Muse, A career- and lifestyle-focused magazine and community for young professional women. The article discusses that to get people excited about your brand, you first need to get them to understand it – and you’re fighting against and average attention span that’s dipped below five minutes for face-to-face conversations, and just a few sentences for writing. The article mentions that communicating your brand us an art form and the first step to it is coming up with messaging that’s relevant, concise, and compelling. As we learned in class, the most important questions you should ask yourself when developing your message are the “Who?”, “What”, “Where?”, and “Why”. These are the questions that your audience needs to understand to get why your offering is worth their time. Moving on to the mission statement, this is a one sentence story of your company. Here you want to come up with all of the language that you want to incorporate about your company and then challenge yourself to define your company in just one sentence. Out of what you have written, pick out the most important information and some of your favorite words and phrases. You want the statement to obviously be written in the voice of your brand, but you also want it to be clear, concise, and compelling to anyone that hears it.

Moving on to the next class of the week which was on Thursday, we discussed the 7 Principles of Conversion Centered Design, which was a presentation composed by Kiss Metrics. To define Centered Design again, it is the designing flow, interaction, wayfinding and navigation to create usable systems and products. You want to create an experience where a visitor knows where they are, where they can go next and how to go back to a previous state. Taking a look at conversion, it is all about getting attention where your ad captures attention, where your headline holds attentions, and where your design focuses attention. One of the main topics that we talked about with Conversion Centered Design is the difference between a Landing Page and a Home Page of a website. Just to define these two terms quickly, a home page is the first page that see you when you click on a website. From this page, the user can click on specific areas to take them to other pages on the website. The home page tells users about your business, the products and services that you offer, your location and any other relevant information that’s your potential clients need to know about your company. A landing page on the other hand, is a page that has been created specifically for a marketing campaign. The landing page focuses less on your larger business objectives and focuses more on the product or service that you are promoting. The main purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors to your site into clients and not to just provide them with basic information about your business.

Landing Page

Moving to the controversial topic that we also discussed in class was whether your company should decide to use a landing page versus using your home page to direct users. There are two main reason why to use a landing page and not a home page for your business. The first is that home pages can be very distracting. The design of a home page is not really set up for attracting customers. It gives your organizational history, your mission statement and vision statements. It also gives a brief summary of the staff member of your business and the product or services that you offer. While all of this information is great and useful for users who view the page, it does not convert those users into clients which should be the overall goal. If there were to be a landing page that specifically outlines a new product that you offer and links the visitor to where they can go purchase this product, or even just learn more about it, it would serve better for adverting those viewers into clients.

Moving to the next reason why you should use a landing page over a home page is that it is possible to have multiple landing pages to serve different clients. You cannot have multiple home pages to serve different clients, so you are very limited to who you are targeting. But with landing pages, you can use different pages for online marketing to match your message but can use different landing pages to target different audiences. Once they respond to the call of action on the different landing pages, they can both be redirected to the same page for checkout where they can make their purchase of the product. So overall, by using landing pages you are able to reach out and appeal to different market segments, while promoting the same product.

However even though landing pages are great, there is still some reasons why a simple home page may better your company as well. If you are a business that only offers one product, then you can forget about the landing page and just create a home page. The main purpose of a landing page is to allow a business that offers multiple products to promote a single product. If your business does not exist of any other products, then your homepage will only focus on that one product that you want to market. If this is the case, then your business’s home page can almost act like a landing page with promotional content for that one product. Based on research, it seems that landing pages are the preferred destination for when it comes to getting viewers to respond to your marketing campaign and becoming clients. In some circumstances a home page can be just as beneficial depending on what your company offers.

The last topic that we discussed in class on Thursday was A/B Testing. I could probably write this 2,000 word post on A/B testing alone but I will provide a little insight to what it is and how it affects advertising. A/B testing is a method of comparing two versions of a webpage or app against each other to determine which versions performs better. It is essentially an experiment where two or more variants of a page are shown to users at random, and statistical analysis is used to determine which variation performed better. How A/B testing works is that you take a webpage or app screen and modify it to create a second version of the same page. The change can be as simple as a single headline or button or be a complete redesign of the entire page. Then from here, half of your traffic is shown the original version of the page and half are shown the modified version, known as the variation. As visitors view both of the different pages, their engagement is measured and collected in an analytics dashboard and analyzed through a statistical engine. From here based on the visitor’s behavior, you can determine whether or not the changing of the page had a positive, negative, or no effect on the visitor.

What is A/B testing

            Companies should A/ test because it allows them to make careful changes to their user experiences while collecting data on the results. It allows them to learn better why certain elements on their webpage impacts user behavior. A/B testing can also be used consistently to continually improve a given experience, improving a single goal for the company like conversion rate over time. By testing one change at a time, it helps them pinpoint what changes had an effect on the behavior of visitors and what changes had no impact or a negative one. Over a period of time, they can combine all of the winning changes to their webpage to create an improved experience from what they offered before.



Content is King!


By: Kaitlin Alarcon, Group 1

In last weeks class we talked about how important content is and how yes it basically is king. I  honestly couldn’t agree with that statement more. Content is what drives consumers. What they see, what they read, and most importantly what do they get out of it. As a creative individual, I am someone who is heavily driven by imagery and visuals. It always will and always has been my reason for ever being attracted to anything. When I look at websites or social media pages I have noticed that I tend to only stay on the pages if there are appealing images that describe the brand and even give me some sort of feeling as to what they are trying to get across. Its how yourself out there and If you think about, like really think about it, you can apply to your everyday life. Just as an example colleges when they are looking for prospective students, they basically stalk us. They want to know what we share on our pages, what we say, who our friends our, and what we post. Thats probably why we have been told all of our lives to be very careful about what put on our sites and how we do it, because ultimately that can be the ultimatum for anyone who would want to hire us or even accept us into their institutions. Heck, people do it with people. When you where going through the college roommate process, what was the first thing you did when you found out who you where rooming with? Let me guess, you stalked them to the point of figuring out that their Aunt Karen got married again for the third time…. just kidding, but seriously. You checked out their Instagram, their Facebook, their Twitter. You wanted to know what these people looked like, if they where cool, if they liked to go out, if they where weird whatever it was, but guess what they probably did thy same for you. Have you ever gone back into your older Instagram or Facebook posts and been like why did people ever like me, or want to be friends with me? I know I did, but thats the point. The point is we as humans are driven by content both good and bad and even a little weird. It is really important as well construct our unlimited budget projects that we really focus on our content that 30/60/10, but most importantly sticking to who you are as a brand while doing it. So since content is so important and intriguing, I wanted to share with you a brand that I think has awesome content and sticks true to their brand while doing it!

So for those of you who don’t know Anthropologie is a boho type store that sells clothing, accessories, and home decor. Although besides just being a regular retail store they also have their own blog. I think their blog is simple but pretty. Its easy to read, and straight to the point. I think what I like the most is that they are selling their products without actually selling them. Instead they are showing you DIY’s, giving you inspiration, giving you news, they even tell you different songs to listen to while you are at the gym or cooking. It basically like an involuntary call to action but the way they show you and tell you just makes you want to do it anyway.  Below are some photos of the blog, but if you are looking for some stellar inspiration on basically anything, especially for you boho fashionistas, I highly suggest you check out their blog, and hopefully that leads you wanting to go into their store as well! I know this store is mainly targeted towards females, but It is definitely just a great blog to look at to see how a blog should be done.

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 8.45.17 PMScreen Shot 2018-04-07 at 8.43.29 PMHere is the link if you would like to check out their blog!