How YouTubers are Rewritting the Marketing Rulebook

I’m one of those people that can watch YouTube Videos for hours. I get stuck in a hole where I just watch video after video and it seems like I can keep going forever. Just like any other YouTube fan, I have my favorites that I tune into every day. Daily Vloggers, Beauty Bloggers, Comedians you name it. Many times, these YouTubers will promote a company or a product and I would be lying if I said I’ve never been swayed into buying something just because they told me to. In an article I read called “How YouTubers are Rewriting the Marketing Rulebook” from the Huffington Post, this idea of the power of YouTube influencers is better explained.

The article focuses on 3 reasons that YouTubers are set apart as influencers and are changing the way people view marketing. The first reason they mention is “YouTubers aren’t the same as celebrities”. In the article, they cite that YouTubers are 4x more effective at creating brand awareness than celebrities are. They are able to create deeper connections with their viewers that allow them to convincingly sell a product without actually trying to sell it. Especially with the younger generations, they aspire to be just like the Vloggers they watch, especially Daily Vloggers like Jake and Logan Paul and their entourages of creators.

The second thing that the article cites is “Its not just a beauty thing”. The Beauty Blogging industry was one of the first YouTube influencers approached to promote brands. Beauty bloggers will get sent boxes and boxes of different beauty supplies for free just so they can try them and maybe talk about them in a video. Beauty bloggers have a huge voice and their recommendations and opinions on make up products are extremely powerful when people are deciding what brands to buy. While this is the case, not just beauty companies can get a slice of the action. There are so many other YouTube personalities even ones that focus on special niche markets that the possibilities are endless and any company can find an influencer perfect to promote their brand to the right audience. Even if they don’t 100% align with your brand identity, there are YouTubers that have amazing reach that can get your brands name out there. For instance the video that we talked about in class, Dude Perfect’s Ping Pong Trick Shots 2, is a perfect example of this. The video was sponsored by the chip brand Pringles, they sponsored Dude Perfect’s video which featured them tricks with Ping Pong balls. While Pringles is a snack company, and Dude Perfect is a sport trick shot channel, they were able to collaborate well making it their most viewed video totaling over 126 million views.


The third reason the article states is, “Don’t lose sight of why people love YouTube”.  The article states that while “celebrities need to be trendy and stylish, consumers expect creators to be friendly, funny, and, yes, sometimes irreverent.” That the great thing that sets YouTubers apart. This irreverence breathes credibility and promotes a sense of independence as they have full control over the content that they put out. This is what builds trust between a creator and their viewers. That trust is what companies strive to gain from their customers. YouTubers have the opportunity to take their brand loyalty and bring it to companies. YouTube influencers have an incredible power. Their “lower quality” videos and self-edited content makes them seem much more like real people making them seem much more relatable like a friend rather than a celebrity making their word more powerful than company’s ad or a paid celebrity.

By Nina Peppel


Group 6 Update

On Thursday my group presented our Unlimited Budget for The Crafted Kup. Overall I really enjoyed being able to create an unlimited budget plan and think about The Crafted Kup and their possibilities for expansion in the future. I enjoyed keeping The Crafted Kup’s audience to a very specific group of people, college students. I feel that coffee shops such as The Crafted Kup thrive among millennials so building them in well known, and big college towns would be ideal for their business.

crafted kup

When creating our limited budget we had so many ideas for their business but realized they were not so practical for such a small company. Once we were able to create out unlimited budget we enjoyed coming up with all the possibilities and ideas we had for The Crafted Kup. We chose more modern ways than traditional advertising since our audience consists of mostly millennials attending local colleges. Some of the ideas we came up with were creating an app and pairing up with local influencers from Instagram and Youtube. One huge Youtuber we chose was Casey Neistat. He is local to the New York area and has a large following across many social media platform. It is important to consider new media strategies like utilizing influencers to get your brand name out there.

casey n

Group 6

Media Strategy is a class to develop techniques to help your communication strategies to bring in more customers, to hold on to the same customers and possibly build long-term relationships that can benefit your company or product. This class helped me understand how to get your product well known and possibly around the country. I learned that the biggest thing about selling your product and getting it known is to post the product on social media, when it will be released and tag someone who is well known (celebrity) that relates to the product that can help spread what the product is and its background.

My favorite assignment that we did in class was the personal brand on myself. It made me think of who I really am and what my goals are when I graduate from Marist College and moving on into the real world. It also made me think what my strengths are to keep building of them to be successful and to improve on my weaknesses to limit mistakes.


Ralph Sommer

Media planning is something that I believe is very important, while not enough people are informed and education on the topic. Whether it is on the radio, in a magazine or paper, and on the television there is a strategic plan and thought process that went on behind closed doors to make it work to the best of its ability. The first company that stands out when it comes to advertising is Old Spice. I feel as if they always are consistent with the message they are trying to convey while also catching the viewers attention and sticking out to them. There are many factors that must be accounted for when planning an advertisement. Finding the target audience, the goal of the advertisement, what exactly the advertisement is going to come out and the message that the people will receive after viewing the ad are all crucial. However, it must also fit inside the companies budget. In order to be a part of a successful media planning team, you must be creative, strategic and a quick thinker.

As someone who plans on one day owning a business, I found working on the Limited Budget Plan for Good Reasons Dog Treats was hands down the most helpful. It was realistic using an real small company to work with. Picking Good Reasons made us research and figure out who our target audience is, followed by how we were going to try and promote our brand to them. We also had to figure out our budget and exactly how we were going fit our advertisements inside of that. I liked this project more than the Unlimited Budget Plan because it allowed me to learn more about the topic and get more practice with a small company until the time comes and I have my own. Learning about media planning and the in’s and out’s of the topic is something I will continue to use in my life.

Employee Wellness and Inspiring Action

It is becoming more and more vital for company’s to have benefits for their staff and for their staff to enjoy the company they’re working for. Certain publics, in particular employees, is crucial for especially large company’s to pay attention to. One of my favorite Ted Talks, one that was also shared in class this semester was Simon Sinek.
Image result for simon sinek
Sinek’s Ted Talk, called How Great Leaders Inspire Change, focuses on concepts that everyone going into branding should listen to. Sinek focuses on a pattern that he discovered on the way company’s interact with consumers and what successful companies do compared to ones that fail. We are selfish beings, we want to do something because we feel good about it. Sinek explains, “we follow those who lead, not because we have to, but because we want to. We follow those who lead, not for them, but for ourselves.”
That is a similar concept that can be applied with our whole lives. Do we ever do anything that isn’t selfish? Where we won’t at least feel good afterwards? To understand why people do what they do, it is sometimes as simple to speaking to an audience about your values. This builds trust within a brand, this builds a relationship. It is important to pay attention to Sinek’s pattern and begin to see the pattern in real life with company’s like Apple. See what they do and how the advertise their brand.
Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 6.02.44 PM.png
-Muriel Chase

Group 2 Update

After concluding our Unlimited budget project, Morgan, Lizzie, Nina, and I all agree that it was a fun experience to imagine a Media Plan with no real limitations. We enjoyed creating our limited budget, but without a budget, we were able to come up with strategies that included major influencers, like JoJo Fletcher from The Bachelorette. The combination of these two projects really made us think realistically about the decisions that need to be made by advertisers when it comes to getting the right message in front of the right people, at the right time. Research seems to be the cornerstone of all good media planning. It was particularly interesting to consider more traditional media forms, like print because magazines and newspapers seem to be losing popularity, but a lot of research still led us to utilize these platforms. Working with a wedding venue and brides as the target audience was fun, but also presented its own set of challenges. It was difficult to hone in on a target audience, because anyone of any race, economic status, and age can get married. In order to better collect data, we decided to focus on one subset of the target audience. If we continued to move forward with the Unlimited Budget, we could broaden our target audience to include men and women, and a wider age range. Overall, we enjoyed this project and will continue to make data driven decisions.

-Kendall Smith, Group 2

30/60/10 – Taco Bell

Taco Bell has their social media down to a T. So much so, that they have created a brand personality of their own that distinguishes themselves from other fast-food competitors. They are in control and have found a balance of content that they own, curate and promote.  Taco Bell might not exactly follow the 30/60/10 model, but they were able to discover a formula that is just right for the tone they have set for their brand. Here’s how Taco Bell is able to engage their customers unlike any other brand:

Embracing a Brand’s Social Media Personality

When trying to target a young demographic, most brands who attempt to do so, end up in failure. That’s because the millennial generation is all about being authentic and staying on trend. Taco Bell saw this as an opportunity to hire people who had the millennial mentality. This allows their social media content to speak to their audience on a personal level, developing a relationship with them and staying on the forefront of trends.


Engaging with Customers Through Influencer Marketing in Real-Time

By simply listening to their consumers and engaging with them in real-time, they have created a brand personality that is “human” vs. “robotic.” They don’t just like, comment or copy and paste, they engage with their customers in a way that ensures reciprocated feedback.

Capture 1

Taco Bell has proven the importance of finding your brand personality when it comes to tone and voice on social media platforms. It is an extension of who the brand is to its consumers. You have to find the happy medium where you engage your audience and make them a part of the conversation without over-selling yourself.

  • Shadie Williams

Amazon’s Experiential Campaign

A couple weeks ago in class, we spoke with a recent Marist graduate, Melissa, who works as a Junior Producer at Grandesign. She gave us advice, told us about her experience job hunting, and explained a campaign for Freeform she worked on. Grandesign is an experiential agency, creating out-of-the-box campaigns for clients. While scrolling through AdWeek, I came across an article about Amazon promoting a show with experiential advertising. Enlisting the help of Thinkmodo, Amazon advertised Season 2 of their original series The Grand Tour by pranking customers at a coffee shop with motorized chairs. A viral video was produced by Thinkmodo which received over 2 million views in 24 hours.

I think experiential advertising is an innovative way to advertise. Every day, we are bombarded with traditional advertisements that we tend to ignore. Experiential advertising is in person and interactive, which is a change of pace and catches people’s eyes. Traditional advertising can become mundane, but experiential advertising makes it fun.

-Nicole Hallak


Group 4 Update



As we presented our final budget proposal for Marist Dining Services, it made me realize the potential the brand has for growth. Marist receives A LOT of negative feedback in regards to food quality and lack of variety. Based off our research and Erika’s knowledge as their intern, we learned valuable information that sets Marist Dining Services apart from other competing services. It’s just a matter of delivering that information to the Marist community – faculty, staff and the student-body.


Millennials are more inclined to live a more holistic lifestyle. They do not define “healthy” as a means of getting over a cold or the flu, but as a commitment to eating right and exercising. This is an area of opportunity for Marist Dining Services because Sodexo is dedicated to serving high quality ingredients that consists of “Mindful” choices and creating a dining environment where students are encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle.

Capture.PNG 2

The problem is, majority of the Marist community is unaware of these existing, new and up-and-coming features Dining Services introduces to our campus. We have a social media channel on Instagram/Twitter, students post on Spoon University, and a separate online domain for Marist Dining Services, but no one is really aware of that content or the information is hard to locate. By simply modifying the website to be more visually appealing and user-friendly or partnering with influencer’s to promote our social content, would drive more traffic/attention to the positives strides Marist Dining Services is making to improve food quality and variety.

This also leads into why we wanted to highlight their unique “Mindful” modifications by creating opportunities to promote information about Dining Services and a healthy lifestyle in locations that made sense – study areas and the gym. Having screen savers that inform faculty and students of up-coming events or initiatives Marist Dining Services is offering, on every computer screens is ideal. Instead of having students view IBM information, that has little-to-no relevance, everyone can stay in the loop about what their campus is providing in order for them to live a healthier lifestyle. The same goes for gym equipment, specifically with the treadmills.

Marist Dining Services has a lot of potential for continued growth and the ability to get rid of the negative connotation that is associated with their name just by funneling more efforts into promotion and improvement of their content. We hope that our limited, and parts of our unlimited, budget hit key strategies and grey areas in regards to these needed improvements.

  • Shadie Williams


Instagram and Influencers Changing the World

While my team researched one of our targeted personas, a thought came to our minds. How do people become Instagram famous? What really is an influencer? We are focused on millennials and how we interact with media. Instagram and Snapchat is huge within our age group, so how do we set ourselves a part through these influencers?

I came across a CNN article that focuses on these main concepts, Untangling Instagram’s growing web of influence. It takes a particular note focusing on: fashion, art, travel, food, fame, and activism. Instagram is changing the world and as said by CNN’s author Tom Jenkins, “social media by nature is a perfect campaigning tool and Instagram’s youthful demographic are more active than most, whether on wider issues in society (#IfTheyGunnedMeDown), or contradictory rules governing social media itself (#FreeTheNipple).”

Although the debate continues if Instagram is positive or negative as a whole, we cannot ignore its impact to society and how we are able to start conversations by using Instagram as a tool to reach our target audiences.

For our group, we want to focus on food. Food is widely popular as it has become an instinct in our daily lives to take photographs of our meals if they look beautiful and have a certain aesthetic. After understanding Instagram and looking at trends within food posts that are popular, how does Sodexo take part in this?

-Muriel Chase